the day after.

I’m soooo sleepy. I got back home at 12 last night because I went to a karaoke joint with my friends yesterday singing western music *GASP*. Hahaha, I was surprised why we didn’t hit our regular japanese karaoke place. Well, because we were at a mall and decided to have fun there after we eat. And I was really nostalgic with music of the 90s.

Yesterday was really funny. Being one of the few that haven’t seen Spiderwick Chronicles, me and Insun decided to go and watch it. I called him up when I got out of the office… and he was still sleeping. In the back of my mind I was thinking, I’m not sure he’s gonna make it but I went there anyway. I was right he was 30 minutes late for the movie. That’s not nearly all. In between, I sat around at the food court after losing hope of watching the movie.

I called Shakina to asked where she was and told her that I’m waiting for Insun, who is I late to catch a movie. She asked how long I was planning to be there because she wanted to come to. And I said, after Insun came, I was planning to be there till 4 because I have to catch the train to Bogor. So she said, “BOO! There’s no use because if I did go there I would be there at 3.30.”. But then she called again saying that she was planning to go home either today or tomorrow because she had something that needed to be taken care of. Right away, I said, just go home today with me! And she literally screamed on the phone, “OKAY, I’LL BE RIGHT THERE!” XD

So while waiting for Insun and Shakina, I decided to call some people of the media to do me a favor. But! When I was dialing a number, I saw a really familiar big guy from a far. I double look to see if it’s really him and to confirm I also peeked who was also with him, which was this also familiar guy in a green t-shirt. I was like, “THAT’S GREGGY AND ATRE!!!”, and I put all of my junk in my bag and sneak on them XD Hahahaha that was a really pleasant surprise because I wasn’t really planning on meeting them XD Hahaha, our friendship seemed fated like that XD

So, we prowled the mall until night and even went to the karaoke. Going to the karaoke was really just a spur of the moment. Because lately I’ve been re-collecting music that I listened when I was growing up (i.e. the 90s) and I really wanted to sing them. I used to listen to Alanis Morissette, Savage Garden, Matchbox Twenty, New Radicals (OMG, I REALLY LOVE THEM! But they broke up after just 1 album, 6 albums to soon >_<), OASIS, yeah bands like that. And now, I’m trying to find a lot of their music because I only have cassette tapes (yeah, remember them?) of the album. The music 90s were great especially the late 90s, but after the turn of the millennium the music has gotten pretty weird for me. I think that’s because everyone was really hyped on finding the sound of the future, so they sorta forget to make music that sounds organic. SO, I was thinking, what if I never come in contact to L’Arc? OH THE HORROR! Maybe I would still be on the look out for really good organic sounding music. Hmmm.

Anyway, I already have DRINK IT DOWN. My copy is still on the way, but I just can’t wait to listen to DUNE 2008, which IS REALLY GREAT!!! Dune is one of my favorite L’Arc songs ever XD tetsu’s voice sounds really good there XD I wish they will perform it in Shanghai. Niceey asked me what color of Kebaya we should wear when we attend the L’Arc concert XD Hahaha we’re such attention seekers XD Our tickets haven’t arrived yet >_< I checked on the Pos Indonesia EMS site, it says that the mail have already delivered to the central post office in Bogor on the 29th. *yoshiki mode-on* Why Mr. Postman? Why do you make us wait in agony? Oh woe is we. I could never play the drums again. Bull! I heard that they made people wait for 2 hours in the cold rain -___-“ not good yoshiki. And after all these years he still have fainting spells which always happens AT THE END OF THE SHOW! Oh well, let us leave yoshiki alone XD
Rini, OUT!


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