tickets, VAMPS, tetsu ayana: THE WEDDING!

EMS service is very convenient! Yesterday I checked from the online tracking to find that it was already been released from customs ^^. So it will arrive today XD After that I can ask for my plane ticket reservation to be issued. I’m so EXCITED!

So, yesterday I talked about VAMPS, HYDE’s new project with K.A.Z. Well, They’ve released a picture of the project. Gotta tell you that HYDE looks very hot but I can’t help being a little bit uninterested because of the fact that _THIS IS_ a solo project. Like I said before, I still going to support HYDE but only if the music is good. To be frank, I don’t really like hardrockin’HYDE. I mean the music is good but it really doesn’t stick and that kind of music is very common everywhere, turn you head left and right you will find lots of American bands playing the same type of music. It’s not only HYDE really. This is the same reason why I don’t listen to the new music from Dir en grey. Roughly said, I can easily listen to Papa Roach instead of Dir en grey. HYDE, please come up with something mind blowing! XD

boy, I love seeing these to together XDAccording to nikkansport (article here), tetsu and Ayana’s wedding ceremony will be held on May 4t, 2008 XD *confetti* OMEDETOU!!! So according to the site they got married in November and will held the ceremony on May. They will only invite close friends to the ceremony. Of course Ayana will wear her own design XD and she will design tetsu’s tuxedo XD *squee* I really hope they release the photo (better yet, the video) of the ceremony XD I really want to see Ayana’s dress and tetsu’s tuxedo HUAAAAAAAAANG~~~ XD Hmmm will hyde and megu be there? *imagining fanfic-like dramatic scenes* Ahhh!!! I’m so curious about it XD Check here also from Yahoo! Japan. It roughly says, [On children ,Sakai Ayana and husband, tetsu said “We want it this year”] XD Check here from oricon also for pictures of the new collection of Ayanature (I think they interviewed her here). IKE IKE GO GO TET-CHAN GO GO!!! Thanx to Eleonora from The ARK BBS for the translation of the article of nikkansport XD Oh, the new collection of Aya na ture dresses is already up for viewing at the official site ^^



  1. Related HYDE and Vamps; I know it’s your opinion but I don’t agree at all when you say Hyde’s hard rock style sounds “common”; I think it’s not so easy to judge and it’s a kind of musical prejudice; I have been listening hard rock/metal/indies bands since more than 10 years and definitely Hyde’s project has his own style; we can feel there the influences (NOT only hard rock and NOT all of them American): Nirvana, Korn, Depeche Mode, etc etc but he has mixed all of them adding his personal touch + K.A.Z style

    Another point of view: about Laruku; if you listen their Indies works it’s a mix of groups of the 80’s (specially The Cure + Gastunk) but it makes them sound common as well? I don’t think so.

  2. I have to agree with your analysis on the hard rocking Hyde. If you listen back to the Dune album you can clearly hear the notes and the pitch has changed so much now. He just can’t hit those notes now. The further damage is the way he sings now.

    I worry if after a few years of this he won’t be able to sing for L’arc. I’m not saying they won’t have him. But I am saying that the music Tetsu writes is very demanding. How will Hyde maintain the quality from now on?

    On the other hand I can understand Hyde’s desperate for something a little different. I think this solo stuff with VAMPS might be his dream come true.

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