today, 6 years ago…

ROENTGEN was released!!! How time flies, ne? Six years? REALLY? That just reminded me of how old I am >_< but I haven’t quite grown up. Speaking of being an adult and growing up, James Barrie said in Peter Pan that “…but henceforth Wendy knew that she must grow up. You always know after you are two. Two is the beginning of the end.” I guess he was sorta right. But for me growing up is something that I have been holding back in. Growing up means being an adult, you can’t just look the part, you have to ACT the part. But alas, we can never win in a fight against time so I have to be responsible bit by bit, taking up work, handling with everyday people that doesn’t always consist of good people. Some of them will make you smile and some makes you frown. I really believe that each frown of disliking toward people makes you old faster. Because every time you frown that means you’re facing adult problems. I don’t know I’m being very random today. I just feel that I’m not really myself lately. I can’t really connect with anyone, detached. I don’t really feel like meeting people. If I do, I really feel out of place and try to adjust, which doesn’t make me seem to act as usual and I feel that people that notice this will feel uncomfortable, which in turn makes me feel uncomfortable and the whole get together thing will be really awkward, and really I don’t wanna make things awkward because that makes me feel guilty. Are you getting any of this?

We’ll don’t mind me. It has been really stressful at the office and preparations for the Shanghai trip. But I will be awarded enormously with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by seeing L’Arc~en~Ciel in Shanghai with my friend, Niceey! Enti, the dream of our youth will come true~~~~ XD

What else? HYDE announced that his project with K.A.Z will be VAMP. Very… his image. I can’t say that I am very looking forward for it. But when it comes around, it comes. I’ll be supportive, but not blindly supportive. AND OH, At the end of the DRINK IT DOWN PV, IT ACTUALLY IS yukihiro XD BTW, yukkie is getting super DUPER COOL these days. Look here, here and here. (the pic is not mine, the link is not mine got it from The ARK BBS).


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