ohisashiburi dorama!

It’s been a long time since I write anything about dorama ^^. To tell you the truth, I hardly have the time to keep up with doramas these days T-T But lately, I’ve watched some entertaining doramas.

The first was Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide SHIMATTA! Starring Nakama Yukie (love her!). You can see the story here. When I read this I was thinking that the character of Isojiro’s mother was a knieving obaasan that wants to make Kimiko (Nakama Yukie) get out of the marriage in general, but in fact she is very nice and understanding. The main problem is that Kimiko, a freelance journalist, loves living in Tokyo and the convenience of big city living. Kimiko’s husband Isojiro (Tanihara Shosuke) comes from a big traditional family, and initially when Kimiko was introduced to his mother, Yamamoto Shimako (Matsuzaka Keiko), Kimiko was told that they’re not a rich family. But after many convincing from Isojiro, which most of them where lies about Kimiko is totally interested in traditional culture, Shimako accepted Kimiko with open arms. But the thing is Kimiko didn’t know that her husband told all this to his mother. But, even after Shimako found out, she was very understanding and ready to support her to become a part of the big Yamamoto family. IMO, the story is very light and is funny at times, but it was not very memorable. So, if you want something light and entertaining, this is the dorama for you.

Next is Karei naru Ichizoku. I’ve just caught on to this dorama, which received great reviews everywhere! The story is very serious and intriguing. Kimura Takuya, one of the best Japanese male actors, portrayed Manpyo Teppei, the eldest son of the Manpyo family, one of the most powerful family in Kansai. More info on the story read it here. I absolutely recommend this dorama. The whole cast is superb! Really, this sets a new standard in japanese dorama. It’s sorta like the Japanese Dynasty XD If so the Alexis (Joan Collins) in this dorama, the ultimate super evil bitch is Takasu Aiko (Suzuki Kyoka). I’m still on episode 2. I will continue watching this later ^^.

I guess that’s that. I’m currently waiting for my L’Arc tickets to arrive in the mail. I already submit my passport to the Chinese embassy to get a visa. Everything is already booked. Niceey and I pretty much planned everything out so that we will be noticed by L’Arc in the crowd XD So, we’ll just have to wait and see XD PRAY FOR ME!


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