written Monday 2008.03.08

A few days ago I got my Chronicle 3 and ROENTGEN STORIES. The Chronicle 3 was the Taiwan version cost me about $16 and ROENTGEN STORIES was the Japan version and cost about $27. The quality of the video itself was the same but the packaging looked very different. The Taiwan version had this fragile-looking case while the Japan one looked very sturdy. I wonder why they have different prices for Japanese DVDs now, because some DVDs like REALIVE Club Circuit and Chronicle 2 costs more than 4000 yen each, while DVDs like ROENTGEN STORIES and the re-release of L’Arc’s old DVDs cost around 2300 yen.

Anyway, the capping film for Chronicle 3 was hilarious! They have these 2 foreigner, Walter and Lucy hosting a home shopping show, which kinda reminded me of Bob and Catherine (Yura and Aya from Psycho le Cemu) from King of Touhan XD The products they’re selling are ridiculous and each product names are the names of the next PV they are going to play XD I really like the Hitomi no Juunin product, which is a pendant in the shape of an eyeball (think Medama Oyaji’s size from Gegege no Kitaro) and also a soy sauce dispenser *ROFLMAO*. The soy sauce comes out from the cornea XD If they sell it as L’Arc’s official item I would buy it just because of it’s stupidity ^^.

I have ROENTGEN STORIES in .avi format since a few months after it was originally released but haven’t gotten around to watch it because I’d prefer watching it from DVD. I really love how HYDE created the whole concept of ROENTGEN. It was just perfect because he had everything figured out. All of the PVs (incl. SECRET LETTERS) was very coherent with one another to form a cycling storyline. Even DVD label represents the cycle of the story. I think when it comes to songmaking hyde always gave a bit of jazzy feel in to his songs, maybe since HEART with LORELEY, Singin’ in the Rain, HEAVEN’S DRIVE have that saxophone line too. His songs in AWAKE was a bit jazzy also. When I was watching Ophelia from AWAKE live in the living room, my dad, a huge jazz fan, said, “What? They converted from rock to jazz now?”. I just said, not really. It would take a long time to explain to him that L’Arc’s music really can’t be categorized. Maybe it would be easier to say that it’s just MUSIC.

Been checking Sakai Ayana’s aya na ture site lately. I really like her wedding dress designs *wants*preferably one that comes with a groom that looks like HER HUSBAND or HER HUSBAND’S VOCALIST*grins* Teehee XD My friend Vero said that she can’t stand seeing her, not because she hates her or anything, but because seeing Ayana reminds her how big of a loser she is. I can understand ^^. I’m 10 days older than Ayana, Vero is a year older, but here we are working behind the desk, still stuck in college with no boyfriends whatsoever, while she has a clothing line and has tetsu for her husband. But, I can’t be bitter about it ^^, there’s just something about her that I like a lot ^^. See this video of her wedding dresses. I really like the black one with the pink details and with the pink obi CUTE!!! Even though it’s not a wedding dress, I want that for my wedding. *sigh* Only god knows when it’s gonna happen.

I got a call from my dad this morning saying that he got tickets for Java Jazz Festival from one of his TV exec friend. YAY! When I already lost hope of not attending the Manhattan Transfers performance. When I told this to my boss he said, “Furui naa~, I’ve known Manhattan Transfers since 30 years ago,”. HAHAHA XD Is liking old stuff a weird thing for young people? Personally, I like to watch old movies especially Audrey Hepburn movies, I like to listen to old songs that only people in their 60s, 70s and 80s like to hear, and I like seeing old architecture. One day I told my boss, I also like enka, other than L’Arc~en~Ciel and other japanese pop/rock artist, he said in disbelieve, “Sore a dame deshou, that’s too old, even I don’t listen to enka,”. My liking to old stuff is not only limited to a particular country but it’s a sort of general thing, but now, I’m sort of fascinated by the Japanese Showa period. But, it’s not as if I’m obsessed about it and start a collection of memorabilias and stuff. As if my hands aren’t full enough already keeping up with my L’Arc collection >_<. One day I’ll list up what I have and what I’m missing, until then ^^


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