TOUR 2000 REAL: the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Yesterday I watched TOUR 2000 REAL Dec.6.2000 @ Tokyo Dome. I’ve never seen this live too since from that era L’Arc only released the REALIVE Club Circuit which was nice since it had been a long time since they had a club live ^^. But I prefer them doing arena tour because other than it’s more spacious and I love to see them run around on stage, it’s relatively easier to get arena tour tickets. The fight to get hall or club tickets is FIERCE!!! Sure it feels more private… for the people that managed to get tickets (!!!). For the rest of us we have to deal with having watching the greatness from a small tv screen ^^. But enough with the rant ^^.

I think this is the tour that was braoadcasted through the internet (I’m not sure). Remember? On this year they had worked with YAHOO! Japan for a special site ( that distributes those cool desktop items ^^. I think they also sold L’Arc x YAHOO! goods, like mouse and stickers ^^. It was almost 8 years ago, so pardon me for not getting the details right ^^. Anyways, this is the live tour after hyde and ken got into that accident while the boys were racing with go-carts. While ken opted for a yankii/yakuza papa look with his bandage (+braces?), wearing an all white suit, hyde opted for a more S&M boysl#t look XDXDXD *drools*.  I love how everybody looked here esp. the way their hair looked ^^.

Anyways on to the live, TOUR 200 REAL, IMO, is one of the best L’Arc live DVDs out there. It feature the band reign of glory before they (or in this case hyde) decided to go solo. Really bad decision, IMO, they were on the top of their game T-T but shikatanai na~ because we wouldn’t have the magical ROENTGEN, the super cool acid android album, the madness of S.O.A.P and the seemingly cheerful TETSU69 with heart-wrenching songs like SCARECROW T____T. But… but… I guess I would trade all that for no solo at all, their solo music might pop up as on of L’Arc’s own. MAHH, what’s done is done, the past is not going to change nah >_<. Like tetsu once wrote: “bokura ga eranda michi ga ayamachi nara… mou inai”. Gomen ne >_<.

<b>Hightlights of the concert</b> the sequence of songs from ROUTE 666 – finale – Shinjitsu to Gensou to – a silent letter – fate – trick and when tetsu decided to smash his bass and threw it to the audience WHY!!!! T___T. Anyway the part that had me hanging for my dear life was the intro before a silent letter, I really couldn’t breathe and almost brought me to tears ToT. There was a monologue and the big screen showed the text line by line >_< Here’s what it said:

Dear my love,
How are you?
I have been thinking about you
I write this letter knowing it will probably never reach you.
Many days, as cold as winter nights
Have passed since that time.
My weakness
And the way in which I hurt you
Disappear into the darkness.
I know we cannot turn back the clock and return.
I believe that not meeting you signifies my last love.
I will never forget the tenderness you showed me.
You live on in each new day.
Your memory brightens the sky.
Don’t hate me,
Don’t become sad because of me.
That is all I ask.
I opened the window today and saw
A myriad of flowers blooming.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.
To say goodbye
Is like being a small lost child again.
Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.

The performance of this song was just wonderful >_< when the lights were on you can see hyde holding a mirror ball that reflected two bright spotlights. *TEARS*. One of the best performance EVER!!! EVER!!! Now, I gotta find this item in eBay >_< GAH GAH GAH!!!

The extra feature features some backstage clips. Some of them are funny ^^ most of them came from leader-san. KONNA NI LEADER-SAN MATA MITAI >_<. I wish that he would cheer up a bit. On tv shows now, he looked like the most gloomy member. Huuuu T-T I just wanna give him a hug and say everything is going to be okay ^^.

Today I brought the TOUR 2000 REAL DVD to the office hoping to see it during lunch, the laptop in my office just won’t play the DVD. BAKA BAKA! Anyways, tonight I will watch the last DVD of FIVE LIVE ARCHIVES, the ASIALIVE Shanghai.


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