bai bai zenbu RESET.

Yesterday I watched RESET>>LIVE*000″ Dec.31 1999-Jan.1 2000 @ Tokyo Bigsite East Exhibition Hall. I was so excited because I had never seen this live before. This is L’Arc~en~Ciel’s first countdown live, while they never had another countdown live after this, I still hope this won’t be their last ^^.

Saa, the live opened with our boys arriving in a helicopter, everybody looked really excited naa. In an interview hyde said that they had to ride the helicopter to avoid the traffic because they were performing in Kouhaku Utagassen. I don’t know many people attended this live but from the DVD it sure looked like a heck of a lot since the crowd stretched to way way back. For that kind of a crowd I think the stage was too small. The stage was this “box shaped” stage (like Tokyo Jihen’s “Just can’t help it” live but way bigger) so it had amazing depths and there were stairs leading to the backstage and just on top of the stairs there’s a platform for strippers (for LOVE FLIES and HEAVEN’S DRIVE, of course). The downside was, they can’t run around everywhere.

The live was divided in two parts before and after the millennium countdown. The boys changed wardrobe in between the parts. Before hyde wore this oh-so-slutty-sexy black feathers jacket with a black t-shirt and leather pants, tetsu wore this long red coat that had (what looked like) chinese embroidery with glitters (which my mom liked) and red leather pants, ken wore an all black pvc jacket and pants with black aviator sunglasses (very cool, indeed), yuki wore something shiny also (can’t remember because I had that cool Hysteric Glamour jacket he wore on the second part imprinted in my mind). In the second part, hyde wore an al white suit, vest and pants (I think of it as starting clean for the new millennium), tetsu wore this very cute sleeveless jacket with a cute dragon tshirt that says “two thousand” (now if you all remember, 2000 was the year of the dragon), ken changed into a fur coat, and yuki that super cool Hysteric Glamour jacket (I want that so bad!).

Compared to GXT the set live for RESET was just satisfying enough. I was glad to see that they performed NEO UNIVERSE just right after new year’s ^^. Some of the highlights of this live was the banana throwing act by tetsu ^^ when he throw the banana to the audience he said “yasashikushite ne~” (please be gentle) *LMAO*. There’s also a backstage scene!!! You can see the guys preparing for the live wearing thick coats ^^. The fun part was when they were about to ride in a helicopter. They looked really excited and and was pointing stuff “Ah~ Tokyo Tower” yuki said ^^. hyde looked scared was praying before they took off (not for real, he was just fooling around) tetsu was also praying too XD FUNNY! When they had arrived, tetsu was the first one to jump of the helicopter and he was acting like a rock star greeting his subjects (the thing was there were nobody but the staff and guards there ^^. Leader-san looked very hyper in this live ^^. 

On an MC, hyde said something about the new year and tetsu said jokingly “your age will add one more year “. Then hyde said something like, “ja I’ll give you a kiss for that” *suffocates* and threw a kiss to tetsu *dying* and tetsu caught it *coma* and he throwsthem on his lips *dies*.

I think the interaction between members in this live was the best ^^ (YOU THINK!) as for the live itself, I think the the stage was a bit of a down side since they can’t move freely. And from what I see they only have 2 projectors located on the side of the stage, I don’t think that the people way way back could see them. The sound of the mic was also delayed a couple of times, I guess the acoustics in the Exhibition Hall were not as good as other venues. I think I could understand why they didn’t release this live as a DVD back then. For the scale of it (being their first countdown live, their last live of the first millennium, and their first in the second millennium) this live wasn’t the best live because the conditions of the venue but on the other hand when you view it as a live, it’s really good and I REALLY ENJOYED IT!

On another note, today is Valentine’s day. I don’t really celebrate it but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t say, “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE!”.


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