FIVE LIVE ARCHIVES review! a day at a time ^^

Since I’ll be going back and forth from Bogor-Jakarta, I actually have time watching all of the DVDs I haven’t been able to watch. Yesterday I took time watching the first CD of L’Arc’s FIVE LIVE ARCHIVES which has just arrived. It’s hard to say this but, no they are not the real thing >_<. The original was sold out, I’m trying to get it on eBay or Y! Auction if I could ^^.

The first CD was Tour ’98 Heart ni Hi wo tsukero! Oct.17 1998 Osaka Dome. For those of you that have the DVD of Light My Fire, you would know that the part where hyde wore those super sexy black suit with a red tie was from the Osaka Dome Live. The DVD was AWESOME!!! I love how it features many never-seen-before footage *squeals*. I love when hyde pours a bottle of water on his head because he was hot and after his done, tetsu pours some more water on his head. I could understand why he was hot, look at the back of his suit! It’s all wet >_< I guess, it’s a bad idea to wear a full suit when performing. At the end of Shout at the Devil, yukihiro was exhausted and collapsed backstage >_< poor yukkie *BIG HEARTS* he worked so hard. ken dropped himself on the couch and said, “ATSUIII!!!”. Afterwards, when they’re on stage you could see tetsu sitting near yukkie and asking, “Daijoubu?” T-T kandoushita naa leader-sama T____T. I guess the venue was really hot. tetsu said (with Osaka-ben) on the MC that, “it feels like being in a train that stopped. So you guys can’t go home. Is that okay if you can’t go home?”. And like every sane L’Arc fan on the planet of course the audience said, “it’s okay”. I would stick it out even if it was really hot and crowded and my clothes are all sweaty and I can’t even tell whose sweat it is on my clothes.

I was completely satisfied by the quality of the picture and of course, the quality of the content T_____T Kandoushitaaaa!!! I wish when L’Arc decides to make another archive but from old lives (Touch of DUNE, Sense of Time, kiss me deadly heavenly, Carnival of True!!!). I know that Sony must have all of the live on tapes stored in some Sony unreleased video vault somewhere (who’s with me to plot to steal all of them? XD). They might as well release it, they know fans are gonna wanna buy it. I’ll guess we’ll just have to see.

Well, tonight it’s gonna be 1999 GRAND CROSS TOUR Aug.21 1999 @ Tokyo Bigsite. I can’t wait XD When I looked at the track list last night there are Shinjitsu to Gensou to and What is love on it XD never saw these songs performed life so I’m very excited ^^. See you tomorrow.

PS. Lunch today was good XD I’m able to bring fresh salad from home XD This commute thing isn’t half bad, the only downside to it is that I have to wake up on the butt crack of dawn >_<.


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