Lately, I’ve been addicted to poupee girl. It’s a site where you make avatars and dress up your avatars by buying merchandise from other avatars. The currency are ribbons and you get ribbons by uploading pictures of your own personal wardrobe, take daily snapshots of your avatar, selling your avatar’s fashion article, etc. I’ve registered a few days ago by the invitation of NAOMI XD since then I’m hooked! This is a very addictive game for girls >_<

Anyway, news on the L’Arc~en~Ciel TOUR 2008 L’7 ~Trans ASIA via PARIS~, please check this site. I’m planning to go to the Hong Kong one. But I’m expecting it would be tough to get the tickets. The tickets will be on sale on April 1st. This will be a fight because I don’t have any friends and family in Hong Kong. I’m hoping that someone could help me. I’m also trying to find travel agencies that could book concert tickets. Even if I couldn’t get it I hope I will be able to get it from eBay or something. That will be my best bet >_<.

Today, I tried to ride the express train from Bogor to Jakarta. It takes one hour, more or less. I had to wake up at 5! OH, THE PAIN! I reached the station at 6 o’clock and ride the 6.23 train. The thing was that it was full before it reaches the station, which was weird because Bogor was the last stop. People must have rode it from the previous station in order to get seats. I was lucky today, I got a seat therefore I can sleep. I’m not sure I’ll be lucky for a whole month.

As you might (or might not) know, I watch HOUSE religiously. I’ve seen it on AXN before but wasn’t hooked on it until recently. The reason is that I found some similarity between the character of House (Hugh Laurie and Kuwano Shinsuke (the architect in Kekkondekinai Otoko, Abe Hiroshi). It turns out that I like misanthropic people XD Okay, the fact that Hugh Laurie kinda looks like Abe Hiroshi, might help a bit ^^ (and besides he’s british ^^; having an accent helps) but I do have the tendency to like the characters of misanthropic human beings. Meaning that I would like to be one of them, but just can’t. Because living alone is okay, but I don’t really like being rude to people, not because I’m scared people will avoid me, but because being rude is just RUDE. The fact that I’m a girl and I don’t excel in anything(have a high position in a job, etc) will make just make me a bitter bitch/freak. But, it would be nice just to forget being nice and caring for once ^^.


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  1. Dear pupe-friends,

    I just got my account locked! I have been playing on pupe since the summer of ’09 and I’ve been loving it, until they started the new jewel campaign. It got even worse when they stopped letting us post dolls! Now, since I have been posting dolls, they’ve locked my account! I’ve never done anything wrong, ever! I mean, my Pullips and my Blythe are in the Fashion Dictionary! so, as soon as you get a chance, sign the petition I started to try and get rid of jewels and let us post dolls again! They’re the dictators and we have to overthrow them! The letter goes straight to the company. There is extra space when you sign so that you can say whatever you want extra to the pupegirl company. PLEASE SIGN!

    this is the link:


    please spread this petition around as much as possible! Please help get as many signatures as possible! Thank you so much! You’re helping every pupegirl when you sign!


    From A♇EOT, with love!!

    ♅GOOD ♆ LUCK♅

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