cancelled holiday.

Today was supposed to be a long weekend holiday but the government cancelled it. They also cancelled 2 other long weekend holiday on May.  For some reason the government think we are having too much holiday . Since the precidency of Megawati we have this system that they call “cuti bersama” – common holiday (people just call it “libur kejepit” – in-between holiday) where if there are a public holiday on a Tuesday or Thursday, they make would nake Monday or Friday a public holiday, so it’s a very long long weekend. I, for one, like this system a lot. It means more time at home watching DVDs, catching the latest episode of HOUSE (which, I’m obsessed with these couple of weeks), or just doing nothing ^^.

I’m currently in my new office now. It’s roomier than the last one. I think it’s going great so far because all of the people I have to work with are very cooperative. The problem is the room doesn’t have a telephone and an internet connection , which are very crucial to me. Hi, my name is Rinintha and I’m an internet addict, if you didn’t know that yet.

Recently, I’m very into deko. Read more about it here.  It’s basically putting rhinestones (swarovski blings if you have the money) on phones, mp3 player, and basically everything that you could think of. I started encrusting my external harddisk with fake crystals a few days ago and I’m proud of the outcome (considering this is my first time doing this and it didn’t suck ^^). I’m planning on making a L’Arc  logo on it XD I’ll take the pictures later ^^.


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