I’m Home!

Before I work for a new boss, I was able to score a few days of vacation until Wednesday for my first day of work. Of course after that the Chinese New will be around the corner so that means I only have to work a day next week. So I will be at home, bumming around finishing the third season DVD of HOUSE and some doramas I haven’t finished.

So the reason that I didn’t spend time to actually write an entry in this blog was because the last few days(?) weeks(?) was hectic (you know the work transfer and what-not), I was also busy downloading videos of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and A Bit of Fry and Laurie from youtube (British humor, sometimes you just have trouble understanding them but most of the time they’re funny as hell). I also swap some jmusic files from Ms. Manager, Nan XD Thanx for the visit ^^.

So, my last day at the office was hell. Well, the hell wasn’t exactly AT the office but ON the road. Jakarta was raining since midnight (I would know because I stayed up late) until the next morning THROUGH the afternoon. I decided to go to the office late around 11 because my only purpose of going there was to return the official car. Now, in Jakarta I live around Senopati. I figured if I get on the taxi to go to the office it would take about 15-20 minutes and Rp 18000. But that day, IT TOOK ME 2.5 FRIGGIN’ HOURS and Rp 45000!! The taxi had to take several routes to avoid the ANNUAL FLOOD >_< *SIGH*

When I got to the office, I need to draw some money from the ATM because apparently I was short because I hadn’t expected to pay more than Rp 20000 for the ride. But, I couldn’t access the ATM. WHY? It was flooding so they had to pull out the plug >_< kuso kuso. So I had to borrow some money from the company driver. Long story short I had to ride the train to get to Bogor that day, which was pretty nice IF my earphones wasn’t all battered up >_< it’s 3 years old, I’m guessing I’m gonna need a new one. The thing is this, that day I was planning on going to the office then go to the national museum, meet a couple of friends, go to the sony center to get me a pair of new earphones, going to doremido for a few hours of karaoke. All of them ruined due to the flood. Seriously, Jakarta really couldn’t take a little rain >_<.

On another subject. L’Arc’s gonna have a mini world tour, performing in Shanghai, Taipei, Paris, Hongkong, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka. I’m planning ( I know,  … again)  to see them in Hong Kong. Here’s the problem: I think getting tickets in HK is more difficult than getting tickets in Japan just because I’ve got no one that can help me get them. Online ticketing service for events in Hong Kong IS more accessible because they let people from outside of Hong Kong actually buying tickets. I also don’t know what the condition of the fans there? Will the tickets be instantly gone? There matters brings me to doubt whether I could get tickets. Just wish me luck.

I’ll be going to sleep now. It’s already 2.20 am.

PS. Of course, I was away on hyde’s birthday. I didn’t mention it in this blog but that didn’t mean I didn’t celebrate ^^. I went to Harvest alone to have a slice of cake. It was nice ^^.

PS2. I need a resolution, a new year’s resolution. It’s kinda late I know, but I should resolve something ^^


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