ANSWERS!!! for my 10questions project

Questions with (*) are interesting questions XD the originating website could be found here

Dito – Sapphire

1. rambut lo itu terdiri dari berapa biji spiral sih ^^?
>> How many spirals does your hair consist of?
hydevilist: I don’t really know. I’ve never counted them myself. If I were to speculate I would say that it consists of 50 or more. But, as they are grouped together in a role different everyday, according to how I comb it or how much it is exposed to strong wind, I can’t really tell.

2. apa yang bisa lo lakuin untuk bisa buat sobat2 lo selalu bilang Egak ada lo gak rameE
>> What can you do for your friend that always say “Without you there’s no funE

hydevilist: I guess, I have to try to be there for them. As long as, I’m not tired or anything like that I would love to be there for them.

*3. kenapa sih, pada akhirnya lo menerima seorang RININTA dalam diri lo?
>> Why do you finally accept the RININTHA that is in you?

hydevilist: Hmm, learning to accept oneself is really difficult. When we were a kid, we accept ourselves no matter what and with no questions asked. But when we go to school we meet different people, who are not like as and some or most of them couldn’t accept something that is different from themselves. So at that time, probably like most kids, it got really hard to accept myself. I guess, I’m REALLY comfortable in my own skin when I was 2nd grade in junior high. And why? That’s because there are no pleasing to some people. Living in other people’s standard is though, so I made my own ^^.

4. kalo ada samurai nancep di lubang idung lo trus pas lo cabut banyak upil nya, upil itu mau lo apain?
>> If a samurai sword sticks up your nose and when you yank it out, there are lots of boogers, what will you do will all that boogers?

hydevilist: *laughs* Weird question XD Well, I do what I always do to boogers, discard them. But if someone wants to build a monument around it, I’ll have no problem with it. Grossed out maybe, but problem, no.

5. kebayang ngga lo kalo adalah cinta laura kiehl?
>> Can you imagine yourself being Cinta Laura Kiehl?

hydevilist: I guess so. If I were, I would really stop with the English-Indonesian hybrid language and actually learn Indonesian, so when people come to interview me I wouldn’t look like a wise-ass XD

6. jenis tulisan apa dalam microsoft word yang paling lo suka?
>> What is you favorite type of font in Microsoft Word?

hydevilist:The standard Times News Roman. When I use other programs I like to use different kinds of fonts. For Notepad I use Verdana, for my websites I prefer Verdana. But when it comes to designing, I use whatever font that goes with the design.

7. lo suka dgn keterikatan ngga?
>> Do you like commitment?

hydevilist: As I am a Taurus, I am tend to be commited to stuff. But I’m assuming you’re asking about commitment in love. Well, if I have to choose between like and dislike. I would say dislike, looking from the way I am now. But commitment isn’t something you can choose to do. I think commitment and being commited takes a lot of strength. Like you have to overcome trials and tribulations to be committed to your partner.

8. kalo misalnya lo diminta jd featuring nya J-Rocks (yaah kaya prisa getow), mau kaga?
>> If you are asked to be a featured artist with J-Rocks (like Prisa), would you do it?

hydevilist: I don’t know. You think? The thing is, I don’t like them because (IMO) they copy sounds from L’Arc~en~Ciel. As long as they leave L’Arc’s music alone and come up with their original tune and image, that would be okay. If an opportunity like this came up, you really have to be professional. Idealism is okay as long as you don’t get yourself tainted.

9. paling enak spa bawang atau spa jengkol?
>> Which is better onion spa or jengkol spa?

hydevilist: I would have to say onion spa. Because, I’ve never eaten jengkol before, because it stinks and everytime I am offered jengkol the smell would get to me first. Onion in the other hand, I like ^^. It’s like my main ingredient in every cooking I do. So, onion spa.

10. is ur life normal?
>> (like it said) Is your life normal?

hydevilist: Eventhough I’d like to consider/say that my life is not normal, judging from every perspective I would say that my life is normal. I’m kinda not normal, but my life is. You know, having a 9 to 5 job, hanging out with friends, obsessing about L’Arc (well this isn’t really “normal”), I would say that I life a normal life.


1.apa yang kamu lakukan kalo seandainya orang tua kamu jd presiden?
>> What would you do if your parent were the president?

hydevilist: Make the best of it. Make the country a better place, promote positive things to the youth in this country, study abroad and maybe once in a while take a trip to Japan and use the connection to get front row seats to a L’Arc~en~Ciel concet. Just once in a while ^^

2.bagaimana caramu memanjat pohon?
>> How do you climb a tree?

hydevilist: Hihi ^^ from the bottom. Find the lowest branch and a strong footing. Try not to avoid bee hives and branches that look that they can break if I hold on to them.

3.apa yang kamu pikir kalo sapi sedang tengkurep?
>> What crosses your mind if a cow is laying on it’s back?

hydevilist: It’s probably dead tired *laughs*

4.dunia seperti apa yang pengen kamu ciptakan?
>> What kind of world would you like to create?

hydevilist: A green peaceful world where people don’t judge what they do not know. Isn’t that what we are trying to achieve since always.

5.apa kamu lakukan kalo seluruh indonesia listriknya padam?
>> What will you do if all the electricity in Indonesia is off?

hydevilist: Like forever? I would be doomed. I can’t live without technology. At least I need my music player and my laptop to be always on.

6.berapa negara yang ingin kamu kunjungi?
>> How many countries would you like to visit?

hydevilist: All of them, if I really had the chance ^^.

7.kalo kamu punya negara,kamu ingin lambang negaramu apa?
>> If you had a country, what will be the symbol of your country?

hydevilist: A chrysanthemum symbol. But that has been used by Japan. Maybe a “heart in a brain” symbol. Because I want my citizens to think with their brain and also with their heart. Or if not the L’ symbol of L’Arc is also fine *laughs*

8.jika kamu orang sangat-sangat jenius,alat seperti apa yang ingin kamu siptakan?
>> If you were a very genius person, what devices would you like to create?

Something that will reduce global warming. A device that would throw a comet or a meteor of its course if something it should come on a collision course with the earth. No weapons. Absolutely no weapons.

9.apa yang kamu lakukan kalo kamu dikurung dalam satu ruangan dengan hyde?
>> What will you do if you were locked in to a room with hyde?

hydevilist: I would talk to him. Engage in a conversation, because I’ve been a fan of this man for a long time. I really want to know more about him. And I would say, “If ever get out of this room alive, you’ll have to invite me to the backstage of every L’Arc concert there is.” *laughs*

10.bagaimana caramu mendidik anak-anak spt Berryz?
>> How will you educate kids like Berryz?

hydevilist: Oh god, I really don’t know where to begin. It’s not like I hate them. But seriously, kids should be kids. I would de-idol them first. You know, wipe of that make up and those fake smiles, tell them that better packaging doesn’t make you a better person. Just make them turn into kids again.


1. Is there any place on Earth you never want to visit?
>> anywhere that has a war going on. I’d go anywhere as long as I am certain that I can still be alive when I leave that place. For a place in particular, I really couldn’t think any.

2. Do you consider yourself a cat or dog person?
>> Cat person, of course. I’m sorta scared of big dogs. They make me nervous plus I can’t stand the drool. I have had cats as pets since I was 2nd year on elementary school. I like them because they’re independent and they’re much cuter than dogs XD

3. What’s your favorite hobby?
>> listening to music. I have lots of hobbies but this one I like the most. I like it because I can do it anytime of the day and in most situations. I also like to collect cds and music merchandise, mostly from L’Arc~en~Ciel.

4. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
>> Too cold. I just couldn’t stand hot whether, since I spent my whole live in a tropical climate and to tell you the truth I’m sorta sick of it *laughs*.

5. Do you want to have children? How many?
>> Yes, maybe 2 or 3 but never 1. As two being an even number, I think it would be the best since the children can play with each other and no one gets left out. But having 3 kids, seems like fun. Since from my grandfather’s generation the kids in my family comes in three. But somehow the last one always gets left behind. Tough call.

6. If you could choose your death, how would you like to go?
>> Maybe it sounds very cliche, but I would want to go with my family and dearest friends around me, after my ambitions have all come true. I think that’s because I wanna feel calm before I go.

*7. Which do you think contributes more to a person’s personality – genetics or environment?
>> I think environment matter most. Because as much as I would like to think that genetics has a hand in shaping a person’s personality, it will only do so much until that person is old enough to be influenced and starting to imitate personalities around him.

8. What’s your favorite number?
>> 3 or 7. Because they’ve make me “lucky”.

9. What was your best subject in grade school? Which was your favorite?
>> English was my best subject which automatically makes it my favorite subject other than math. I like english because I don’t have to try hard to be good at it. I like math because I like to solve things ^^. I also liked subjects where I could have a nice healthy debate.

10. Can you play an instrument? Which one?
>> Nope. I never stuck out long enough to fully learn an instrument.

You can tack “and why?” onto the end of all of the above questions to make them more interesting.


01. are you jengkolholic? (based on sapphire’s question)
>> No, how is this question relevant in any way ^^

02. have any target at the age of you will get married?
>> I don’t know. I don’t really have a target actually but if I have to answer I guess it would be in my late 20s I guess.

03. is there any meaning of your Rinintha Pradiza name as your parents give it to you?
>> My first name was supposed to be their names joined together and my last name was supposed to mean that I’m a first born. Nothing fancy ^^.

04. what the biggest sin you will confess to Ahmad Dhani if you’re Maia Ahmad?
>> I don’t really follow their ordeal. I don’t know the details. But wasn’t her husband trying to control her career? If that was the case I won’t feel that I have anything to feel sorry for. He’s just an egotistical guy. I guess before you make a commitment to a guy and have lots of children, I think you should find out everything about him first.

05. which do you like Dewi Persik or Julia Perez? *silly question* XD
>> Silly indeed >_< I guess Julia Perez, I have fun guessing whether she’s a he or not XD

06. how if you maybe someday deeply fall in love with someone but he’s a married guy?
>> insanely in love? hmm first of all I would list out all of the up and down side and think it through logically. if there’s to much at stake from his side or mine, I would call the whole thing off. That just means we weren’t meant to be.

*07. believe in karma or not, people have their own path. Do you?
>> I believe in karma. I always look at it this way, I try to put myself in other people’s side of view. People have their own path, sometimes they’re intertwining like what we have like now, we’re on the same freeway, but there will be a time where I need to make a right and you to make a left. So my path is my own. I still don’t know where this freeway will take me, but I’m hoping it’s somewhere nice.

08. what have you did all this time as the people of Indonesia?
>> just be me and try not to get in the way and be one of the problems (i.e protesting or do a strike). we have lots of it as it is.

09. what the weather do you like most?
>> since I have experienced only 2 types I’d have to say rain. but I would love to experienced autumn for once.

10. broken heart or broken on your financial and the reason behind you choose?
>> broken heart. in my current state I think being in love brings more problem than being out of love (neutral) sure you miss the occasional hugs and kisses and that thing that makes your heart pounds but I think you can always find them somewhere else, no?


1. pada pagi hari, setelah baru bangun tidur, apa yang pertama kali selalu terlintas dalam benaklu / hatilu / pikiranlu?
>> belakangan ini kalo bangun tidur rasanya damai, mungkin karena belakangan ini gua banyak menyadari hal2 yang sebelumnya gua deny kali yah. jadi perasaan agak ringan. hal yang terpikir sesudahnya, oh crap jam brapa! gua harus kerja! XD

*2. pilih mana, dicintai mati2an oleh seseorang yang tidak lu cintai, atau mencintai mati2an orang yang tidak mencintai diri lu
>>mencintai mati2an orang yang tidak mencintai gua. ga tau yah kenapa yah mungkin karena dasarnya gua orang yang lebih suka memberi dari pada menerima. kalo pilihan yang pertama gua bakal merasa bersalah dan ga enak (2-2nya bukan sesuatu yang gua suka) trus kalo orangnya disturbing malah jadi terganggu dan jadi benci (jatohnya jadi dosa). jadi mending gua fokus buat mencintai orang mati2an.

3. apa hal / benda / sesuatu / zat / barang / hobi / siapa yang PALING berharga buat lu, simple and hanya 1 aja, the MOST for you, jgn jwb Tuhan / Orang tua –> klo bukan itu yang lu rasakan, ga butuh jawaban kayak gitu, need the truth
>>hmmm… satu hal yah. untuk sekarang sih L’Arc~en~Ciel tapi itu adalah hal pengen gua tuntaskan dengan nonton konser setelah itu tuntas gua bakal lanjutin hidup gua, mengatur prioritas.

*4. pilih mana, dicintai hyde seorang [and ga punya teman banyak] atau dicintai banyak orang [teman2 and sahabat yang selalu ada buat lu], JUJUR!!! kondisi hyde yang sangat mencintai and care banget ma lu and krn hyde sangat mencintai lu, makanya dia over protective and bikin lu hanya miliknya, HANYA miliknya.
>>bakal milih hyde (lah, pastinya menurut dengan obsesi gua skrg) untuk teman2 gua di luar sana kalian pasti mengerti. Kalo orang lain di luar sana boleh berbuat ga logis karena cinta kenapa gua enggak. toh ini perbuatan ga logis ini terbayarkan… greatly. Lagi sebenernya gua udah biasa juga kok tak berteman. dalam arti gua orang yang tahan diem berhari2 ga nyapa orang, jalan sendiri ke mall, makan sendiri di kantin. Jadi I don’t see why not.

5. apa misi lu hidup di bumi yang kebetulan lu berada di tanah Indonesia, di jakarta, bukan di Jepun?
>> keluar dari negara ini. cari orang yang bisa bawa gua keluar negara ini. tapi sebelum itu terjadi i’m just gonna bear with it and make the most out of it.

6. pada saat melintas di kerumunan orang banyak, apa yang terpikirkan? lebih ke arah psikologis nich, terserah lu mo jawab, apa
>> tergantung orang nya kalo a bunch of anak gaul, gua bakal menjauh ga mau liat dari pada buat dosa, kalo sekelompok teman2 yang terlihat baik dan aneh, gua bakal senyum2 sendiri. Tapi in general kalo ngeliat kerumunan orang kadang2 ngerasa sepi aja. Bukan sepi dalam arti kesepian. Tapi sepi aja. Apalagi kalo pas gua lewat mereka sedang ngobrol trus pas lewat mendadak jadi hening. Jadi sepi.

7. prefer be a woman or a man? or both?
>> both hemafrodit gitu XD aiiii~~. Cowo kali yah. less hassle. less to worry. kalo mikirin/ga mikirin ini itu bakalan dianggep normal, karena “cowo kan memang begitu”. Tapi kalo cewek, “ih kok cewek gitu.” di society sekarang dengan gua yang sekarang, gua bakal milih jadi cowok.

8. pada saat lu jadi cewe, manusia terindah tentu saja Hyde, lalu skr setelah lu milih jadi cowok, siapakah wanita terindah versi dirilu yang cowok? plis jangan sebut nama g, krn g laki2!! ^^
>> SHIINA RINGO! berbakat, cantik, aneh, always pushing the envelope when it comes to making music, visualisasi dia juga out of this world, liriknya galau (aga ga kepikiran buat yang ngalir kayak gitu). jadi yah dia.

9. kalo ada orang yang pengen lu bunuh krn saking bencinya, siapakah itu?
>> ga pengen bunuh sapa2 ga pernah gua benci segitunya

10. do you believe in destiny?
>> percaya


1. Katanya orang taurus tu romantis banget, hal romantis apa yang kamu lakukan sama pacar kamu ?
>> siapa bilang taurus romantis. kayaknya ga juga deh. paling romantis paling kasih boneka ato kasih barang yang dia suka, itu doang.

*2. Seandainya kamu dihadapkan dengan hukuman mati, 3 permintaan apa yang akan kamu inginkan ? (Weits jawabannya gak boleh ujung2nya sama L’arc En Ciel dan antek2nya)
>> pinter yah ga boleh pake L’Arc! jadi bingung. 1. kasih gua ketemu dengan keluarga dan teman2 gua. 2. tolong dokumentasi segala tulisan, gambar, foto, karya gua dalam sebuah buku. 3. pastikan barang2 koleksi gua diberikan sama orang yang gua tunjuk di surat warisan gua.

3. Kalo ketemu jin 3 permintaan apa yang kamu minta? ( Weits jawabannya gak boleh ujung2nya sama L’arc En Ciel dan antek2nya )
>> lagi2 yah -_-”. 1. Pengen punya banyak duit. 2. Dipertemukan dengan soul mate. 3. Supaya manusia2 di dunia ini bisa bertindak baik dan pantas kepada sesama dan pada mahkluk hidup lain (world peace).

4. kalo leader san dan hyde saling menelikung untuk berebut dirimu, tantangan-tantangan apa yang akan kamu berikan ke mereka sehinga kamu bisa memilih salah satu pemenang dari tantangan kamu ?
>> hahaha tantangan. gua bukan tipe yang bakal memberikan tantangan sih. soalnya gua bakal pilih orang yang gua suka aja langsung. tapi kalo harus: tes seberapa jauh dia bisa nerima gua tanpa merasa “lu kok aneh sih?”, lalu tes apakah kita kompatibel dalam selera, tes genetika (meminimalisasi birth defect ke our future children).

5. Kalo kamu dibenci oleh semua teman2 dan keluargamu pada siapa kamu akan berlari dan mengadukan nasib ?
>> diri sendiri, tapi itu akan hanya sampai pada batas tertentu bukan? karena ga mungkin gua bisa menangani sendiri. jika saat itu datang tentu saja aku akan mengadu kepada yang di atas.

6. Permasalahan hidup apa yang paling menguras tenaga, pikiran, dan waktu kamu ?
>> nonton konser satu aja kok susah amat! sebenernya the point of the matter is finding happiness.

7. Kalo kamu da puya pacar, trus tiba2x hyde atao tetsu atao siapapun yang lebih sempurna datang sebagai orang yang mencintaimu dan lebih memikat hati kamu daripada pacar kamu, apa kamu akan meninggalkan pacar kamu ato tetep setia ?
>> tinggalin dengan baik2 dan jelaskan kalo gua bakal lebih bahagia sama orang yang gua pilih. walaupun terdengar oportunis tapi toh kita belum menikah.

8. Pada waktu apa kamu sangat membutuhkan pertolongan dan kasih sayang Tuhan ?
>> pas semuanya menjadi berat untuk ditanggung sendiri.

9. Apa kamu pernah ikut menderita dan merasakan hal yang sama dengan teman kamu ketika teman kamu sedang menderita ?
>> pernah. sering kali.

10. Kembali ke pertanyaan 4, ketika kamu telah menemujan pemenangnya dan kamu harus konsekuen dengan omongan kamu yaitu memilih pemenangnya sebagai pacar kamu, sementara hati kamu lebih condong ke yang kalah, apa yang kamu lakukan? (weits gak boleh dijawab; lah kalo hati gua condong ke salah satu orang ngapain kasih tantangan mending pillih orang yang telah ditentuin hati g, gitu aja kok repot)
>> rinci yah. ya kalo gua emang bikin tes itu ya gua harus konsekuen dengan hasilnya, yang namanya janji harus selalu ditepati. but then again if it was me I would just pick the one I like.


*1.moment apa yg ngebuat lo merasa sangat Hidup?
>> kalo lagi buat hal yang spontan yang ga dikira2. kalo lagi denger musik sendiri di busway. sendiri pas lagi pengen sendiri. bersama teman kalo lagi pengen ditemani. hal-hal kecil.

2.jika ada, apa yg ingin dirubah dari diri sendiri?
>> supaya gak males. lebih ambisius. gak obsesif.

3.1 kaki berapa m brp cm?
>> 0 meter 30 senti

4.dirimu dlm bayangan 20 thn mendatang seperti apa?
>> 42 tahun yah. mudah2an tidak menjadi tua dan membosankan, that’s for sure. pasti udah settled karena mudah2an semua keinginan udah tercapai. jadi tinggal duduk santai saja dirumah ^^.

5.lagu apa yg sedang seneng didengar n ngerasa lo bgt?
>> I’m so happy – L’Arc~en~Ciel

6.ada rencana ganti hp?
>> blum tuh ^^

7.senangkah dgn kegiatan rutin setiap hari?klo iya ato ga,knp?
>> bisa dibilang senang, lebih tepatnya puas sih. mungkin beberapa saat sempat bosen tapi siapa yang enggak kalo itu rutin. habisnya yang gua hadapi sehari2 ga segitu beratnya dibandingkan dengan orang lain.

8.lg deket sama “seseorang”kah?
>> gak XD

9.keinginan apa yg belum tercapai sampai saat ini??
>> nonton konser L’Arc~en~Ciel

10.tinggal dan kerja di bogor ato jkt?knp?
>> Jakarta kali yah. Because that’s where the money is ^^. Kalo untuk berleha-leha baru kita ke Bogor XD


1. seandainya hyde adalah makanan, jenis makanan apa yang bakal paling lo bisa bandingin ama kelezatan gairah terpendam lo sama hyde???
>> emm hyde is a little savoury, a little touch of sweet, sometimes peppery and sometimes tastes like paprika.

2. seandainya hyde adalah gigolo and dia melamar lo. putuskan mana yang bakal lo pilih….
a. menerima hyde apa adanya dengan berbagai sisi buruk
b. tidak menerima lamaran tapi malah jadi langganan
nb: kalau langganan hyde cewe2 ngeri spt tante2 ato bahkan cowo and temen2 lo ndiri.
c. atau tetap mengagumi dia dari jauh, and sama2 tau kalau hyde and lo saling suka. (cih….)
>> C

*3. rin lo kalo mandi cepet banget tau. lo tuh mandinya bener ga sih. pertanyaannya urutin rutinitas mandi lo tiap hari… habis lo meragukan mandinya.
>> Siram badan + rambut, sampo dulu baru sabun, trus bilas, pake conditioner diemin selagi cuci muka. siram. sikat gigi. selesai XD ga sampe 15 menit XD

4. misalnya da bom (duarrrr) lo tiba2 pindah ke tubuh cewe yg paling seksi. nah lo pengen masuk ke tubuh siapa? and alesannya apa? trus apa yang bakalan lo lakuin??? (yakin ga megumi? cicip hyde sebentar gitu)
>> Kimora Lee Simons. Ga tau kenapa tiba2 nama dia muncul. Abisnya kayaknya seneng banget tinggi 180 cm, desainer, model, punya banyak usaha, ibu 2 orang anak, pergi2 keluar negeri.

5. tiba2 laruku mo manggung di indo!!!!!!!!!!!!! heboh kan? tapi taunya pesawat mereka di bajak ma teroris bloon indo. apa yang akan lo lakuin?
>> Ngikutin perkembangan berita kejadian itu. Doa biar terorisnya sakit jantung mendadak. Apapun outcome dari pembajakan itu gua pengen si teroris dihukum dengan keji!

6. deskrepsikan rasa cinta lo yang penuh sakit hati sama hyde dalam bentuk puisi
>> baca disini aja deh (click here).

*7. seandainya lo hidup ga pernah kenal ama laruku or jpg2 lainnya, hidup lo bakal seperti apa sih?
>> tetep aneh sih tapi ga tau kemana nyalurinnya. mungkin gua menjadi salah satu anak2 hip hop ato anak gaul ato malah jadi anak2 kutu buku yang ikutan olimpiade science ini itu. ga tau. oleh karena itu gua berterima kasih banget gua bisa kenal dengan L’Arc karena kalo gak gua ga bakal ketemu temen2 gua sekarang.

8. api air tanah udara dari 4 elemen itu apa yang lebih mendekripsikan lo and alasannya
>> pertanyaannya sama kayak Ryou tapi ya sudah lah. Elemen gua tanah, soalnya kayaknya bisa nyerep segalanya, stabil dan kalau ada bibit apa pun bisa tumbuh dari situ.

9. kenapa lo jarang solat sih rin? alasan yang masuk akal ya!!!!!!!!!!!!11
>> merasa belum siap. ga pengen munafik aja. kalo gua masih melakukan ini itu yang banyak belum bener gua ngerasa belum pantes untuk solat. gua berterima kasih dan minta maaf tapi tidak melalui itu.

10. terakhir seandainya bima nikah ama salah satu anak raikon cewe lo lebih pilih siapa and kenapa??? (gw aja sih heheheheheeheheh) dalam arti lain anak raikon yang enak lo jadiin sodara.

>> hmmm, ai li kali yah. orangnya supel, kalo ada masalah ga pernah terlarut dalam itu, orangnya fun2 aja, jadi mungkin dia kali yah.


01. Would you prefer to be in the spotlight or in the shadows?
>> I wanted parts of myself to be in the spotlight and the other in the shadows. If I have to pick either one, being the the spotlight wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

02. What do you think your element is?
>> according to every astrology book there is my element is fire. I really have no reason to say that it is otherwise. I like being an earth person.

03. How far would you go to help a friend?
>> As far as I can go without being on the down side of the problem

04. if you believe in afterlife, do you think you’re going to heaven or hell?
>> hell, I guess. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and be overly confident that we will get to go to heaven.

05. What makes life better than death?
>> There are lots of colors and flavors in life. After it’s dark there should be a rainbow afterwards.

06. What Doraemon gadget do you want most?
>> Dokodemo door (Where ever door)

07. Do you consider yourself seme or uke?

>> I would say I’m a bit of both but maybe heavier on the seme side.

*08. What is your perception of “normal”?
>> Normal is a relative thing. I think I’m normal. But I guess on a general idea normal is acting like common people you see everyday.

09. Do you consider yourself right-brained or left-brained?
>> Which one controls the artsy fartsy stuff again. Right ^^

10. If you could choose, would you play the piano or guitar?

>> The piano ^^


1. apakah nama mu rinintha takarai ?
>> tidak.

2. dan siapa Hyde takarai ?
>> orang asli vokalis L’Arc~en~Ciel walau pun sampai sekarang masih belum ada konfirmasi kalau nama keluarganya benar2 takarai

3. lalu, sipakah megumi takarai ?
>> istrinya hyde. IMO, a blood sucking biotch

4. apakah kamu akan melakukan apa saja untuk menonton konsernya l’arc secara gratis dan dapat bermain bersama mereka selama sehari?
>> tentu saja.

5. (hanya kalau jawabannya iya) bagaimana jika membotak kepalamu?

>> LET’S GET IT ON! *prepares shaver*

6. apa yang akan kamu lakukan jika kamu dapat sehari bermain di rumah Hyde namun hanya bersama Megumi?
>> biarin aja dia kan ga tau kalo gua ga suka dia

7. apa judul lagu kebangsaan jepang?
>> Kimigayo

8. kamu ingin punya berapa anak ?
>> 2 ato 3

9. kalau kamu diberi suatu kekuatan luar biasa, kamu akan pilih apa ? satu saja!
>> buat orang bisa nurutin kata2 gua.

10. udah tau belon kalo cinta laura pacaran sama cowok malay yang main sinetron azizah?
>> don’t know and don’t care.


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