and now for something completely non editorial.

Happy New Year everyone. This year I celebrated new year’s eve like a true loser, watching Kouhaku Utagassen and then go to bed afterwards. But this year Kouhaku was GREAT! The highlight of the night was probably Gackt’s performance of RETURNER. It was out of this world! See it here. There are may great performances in this years Kouhaku. Like I probably have said before, I was looking forward for the enka performances, and they were great. You could find most of the video on youtube. The whole point of Kouhaku is a music battle between the Red team (women) and the White team (men) this year the White team won. Well, considering that they have the likes of Leah Dizon, Morning Musume, AKB48, Shokotan that dies out stunning performances of Sakamoto Fuyumi, Ishikawa Sayuri and other great singers.

Anyway, last December because I couldn’t get tickets for the L’Arc concert I went on some serious retail therapy and bought these 11 cm killer heels and wore them right away. When I met Atre, Insun and Tommy, Tommy said that’s not retail therapy, just say you just went shopping. And I said that for women retail therapy and shopping are two very different things. Shopping is buying things you need and want because well you need it and you want it, like buying your favorite brand of juice, or buying a pair of new shoes because you wore your other pair too often. Retail therapy is buying things on an impulsive state of mind. You buy it not because you want or need it, you buy it because it’s the first prettiest thing you see and you want it because somehow you think it will cure the any pain that you are feeling in your heart (I’m being sarcastic here okay).

So the thing is I bought a pair of shoes (the picture above, right shoe in black) that 1.) I wouldn’t normally wore (because it makes me taller than I already am) and, 2.) people in my office wouldn’t normally wore (because I work in a government’s office and these shoes are socialite-type shoes). And here’s the thing, I don’t normally splurge on shoes, I splurge on CDs!! I don’t know ordering CDs could take weeks and what I needed then was an instant gratification. So no regrets, a gal could always use an extra pair of shoes. Hmm, that shoe on the right is starting to grab my attention (Oh no! I’m starting to sound like one of THEM!).

PS. One of my idols, Ayumi Hamasaki has lost hearing ability on her left ear. She said she would kept on singing even though her right ear would gave away too. T0T Praise to the diva ToT. GAMBATTE AYU!!!!


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  1. you did it?
    bought those shoes?!
    jadi ingat bulan2 kemarin itu knapa gue suka beli sepatu, tapi jangan tertipu dengan diskon gede2an, pernah krna gue beli sepatu merk yongki komaladi krna diskon2 gitu deh, tapi kok setelah dirumah gue jalan bolak balik, nih sepatu kok jadi longgar gini sih, n those totally with pink color XDD

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