catching up.

Hi everyone, it has been days since I last post due to the long holiday. HAPPY IEDUL ADHA and MERRY CHRISTMAS (it’s late I know). I have to go to office in the “gap” days, today and tomorrow. I could have taken the an official leave to make my holiday longer but screw it. It’s better than lying around at the house having nothing to do. So, it’s needless to say that during these few days of holiday I gain weight “O|Z…

So what else… what else… before I went home last Wednesday, I went to see I AM LEGEND. The movie was good but it’s even better when you see it alone (like I did) because you can feel the effect of it after you walked out of the dark theater alone and all of the sudden, outside, you see loads of human beings XD nice nice XD

After that I took the busway to go home, because I had planned to eat at Sushi Underground. But even the transjakarta couldn’t avoid traffic congestion (people were entering the busway lane >_<). The traffic was worse than usual because of the looooooong holiday, it was raining so it made things worst. So I stopped at the nearest stop and planned to take a cab. But no cab would stop! So I walked through the rain (luckily I had my umbrella) to the Indofood building and eat at Solaria. Then I continued trying to go to Sushi Underground. Hailed a few cabs a few times until a cab admitted me in, finally.

I finally reached Sushi Underground. Wow! Tha place is small but that kinda make me feel like I was in Japan XD It’s like an izakaya. There are no seats. But they do have this long red pipe from one end of the room to another. You can lean or sit on it XD The sushi was great. The salmon was really good XD I wanna go there tomorrow after work XD

Why did I eat so much that day? I was celebrating. Ha ha. I can’t go to Japan (again O|Z) next year because of this and that (DAMN YOU SCALPERS!). SO seeing how things are and will be… if I have the chance I would be able to see L’Arc in 2009 (considering that HYDE will do a solo tour in 2008 >_<). I will be 24, they will be 40. I just hope they stay together.  They’re now actually old enough to have one of they’re songs to be covered by younger artists like Nami Tamaki and SATOMI (you’ve all heard about this right, they’re covering winter fall). But it’s nice that they are considered as a band to look up to ^^. I’m really proud of them. Whatever happens (as long as it’s not breaking up) I will support them XD


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