into the sublime.

Yesterday, I went to Rizka’s theater presentation with Atrey. Her theater is Teater Populer (English info here). Before I’ve seen the troupe’s performance of Antigone. Last night’s performance was the 1001 Nights, in 3 parts. Like Antigone, it’s really serious. You really have to pay close attention to it. The atmosphere yesterday were very laid back yet intense and intimate with dinner and coffee breaks. It was performed in the studio of Teater Populer. It was like this medium sized open studio and the audience were seated around it. The production itself was in cooperation with Erasmus Huis. For me the most highlighted moment of the night was the acting of Slamet Rahardjo (wiki – Indo only), a prominent man of theater and the head of the troupe, I have shivers when I saw him act. Personally, I prefer seeing musical than serious dramatical theater but I enjoy all sorts of theater because, I rarely see them here in Jakarta. The theater ended on 23.30, and it was raining outside so we decided to just walk in the rain and go find a cab ASAP. I got home on 23.58.

Today, I stumbled upon weird stuff like this Baketan (it lets you know if there is any ghost around). Interesting, I want it if I could chip of $20 from next month’s salary. And this Umine Healing Theater (expensive -__-“) I kinda want it though. And also this Aquapict Led Jellyfish because I always wanted to keep jellyfishes as pets but I don’t know where to find them. So this thing should be the solution. If anybody wants to get me a Christmas or New Year’s present, you know what to get me, either L’Arc stuff I don’t have or items I mentioned above XD HAHAHA XD

PS. Let me inform you that since Idul Adha is coming, cows and goats are sold around the theater studio. SO when it rains it reeks of cows and goat XD No theater pictures, I’ll just put ’em up at my deviantart page


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