I’m on a slump today. Let’s see what’s nice to talk about. My laptop is still at the repair shop >_< Today I’m gonna watch Rizka’s play at Teater Populer XD and what else. I still haven’t got my L’Arc ticket KUSOKUSO TEMETEME!!! If this keeps up I might have to cancel the whole going to Japan thing X( GREAT! now that “HYDE” is going back playing Jesus or the Devil or whatever, L’Arc will go on another hiatus -____-” I love HYDE but why!? WHY NOW!? I shouldn’t be this sarcastic. Really the tour hasn’t even started. But serious when on earth will I be able to see L’Arc in concert. The ticket prices are killing me. I really think they should develop a better ticketing system that is scalper proof. I see tickets (regular and FC) being auctioned at Yahoo! Japan Auction. At least they should give a chance for overseas fans to buy tickets -__-“. I know that’s 素人-talk, but I really would like the chance to see them live. I really don’t know where should I rant it at! GOD DAMN YOU… someone? anyone? everyone? *shrugs*

Anyway ANYWAY, what’s this? It’s the trailer of KIDS starring Koike Teppei and Hiroshi Tamaki XD looks really gay, even though it’s not. I think for me Koike Teppei+xxx (anybody) = gay XD He’s lovable ^^ *intrigued to buy it*. See here. The price for the actual movie is cheaper than Teppei Koike’s video diary while taping the movie. This makes me wonder if the movie will be that good.

Speaking about CD/DVD, I read from CDJapan that Kagrra,‘s new album Core “…brings the band back to their roots in a more traditional Japan.” Really? With an English title still? I guess we’ll just have to wait. I’m really curious about Shin Hyakkiyakou XD

Things I’m looking forward to in the new year: Nodame Cantabile SP, Hachimitsu to Clover, L’Arc’s Theater of KISS (even though at this point I really really doubt that I can go), new L’Arc releases, hoping that my boss will extend my contract, flood (because it will happen), HYDE LIVE TOUR 2008 (because it WILL happen).

What else? What else? OH, on tv I’ve been watching Kelly Osbourne: Turning Japanese and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. Why? Because I’ve got nothing else to watch and these people aren’t half as obnoxious as other celebrities in their reality shows.

Here’s what you should always do when you’re in a slump.



  1. WAKAKAKAKAKKAKAKAKA I’VE WATCHED THE TRAILER!!!!! *can’t help smiling like an idiot while watching it* stupid me, actually I already downloaded the clip but abandoned it somewhere in my comp just like usual…
    BTW, you’re right. I know it’s a holy o-menfriendship and all but it’s so… you see, just like you say…. xDD ohsog*y xD

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