Matcha Moon de manzoku XD

Yesterday, I decided to go to Matcha Moon in Plaza Senayan XD I asked Shakina to go with me XD I also didn’t forget to bring my camera with me XD So, the place is kinda hidden from the crowded place of Plaza Senayan. It’s located on the fifth floor near the cineplex and the bowling alley. Before there were no signs featuring informations about the location so I had a hard time looking for it, there were also no mentions on the internet before. So, when you get in front of the shop you see this refrigerator showcase showing the products they have.

Here we have the Matcha Cake (above, Rp 18.900, I think) and the Matcha Tiramisu (below, Rp 29.800, again not sure O|Z, I forgot because I didn’t order these)

They specializes in everything about Green Tea, they have hot brews and cold brews. They also have non-sugar original green tea (Rp 20.000 up) which is the for hardcore green tea fans and the blended ones. They even sell matcha powder in cans. The can looks really nice XD But it’s a bit too expensive for my league. It cost about Rp 250.000 and above for a can. I rather buy CDs with that kind of money ^^. Other than drinks and desserts they also serve food like a wide selection of donburi, onigiri, inari sushi, etc.

But for me the real star of the shop is the desserts XD since I remember their tag line said “Japanese desserts and snacks”. They have Matcha English Bread, Matcha French Toast, Matcha Pancake, a wide selection of ice cream (matcha included, of course) and kakigoori (shaved ice). I’m curious about Matcha Moon Big Parfait (Rp 80.000), when I asked the waiter what it is, he said that it’s a large portion of matcha ice cream mixed with a little bit of everything on the menu and it feeds 3 to 4 people. Too bad the menu didn’t have a picture of it. I’ll try it one day, wait and see *waiting for people who loves eating as much as I do to come and lend a hand* XD

^- this is the Matcha Powder they sell from the top Matcha Organic, Matcha Premium, Matcha Second Harvest. Expensive O|Z

The interior as you can see is really nice and green they have this moon phase picture hanging on 8 different frames for every phase. The seats are comfy XD and it’s not really that crowded… yet. So, it’s a nice place to sit around and chat.

But, I was there to eat what I’m craving for the last couple of days, Matcha Pudding/Purin (Rp 12.000). It’s different from gelatin puddings because instead of gelatin they use eggs and fresh cream so it’s very creamy. See how to make a Japanese Purin here. In the past I made it myself with different recipes, but making it was a hassle because, I have to eat it most of it, my family doesn’t really like it. Plus I don’t have a decent oven so it’s really hard for me to control the temperature.

The matcha purin in this shop is topped of with a tablespoon of matcha syrup. I would eat this very slowly because it’s SO GOD DAMN GOOD XD I’m planning to return to Matcha Moon again in the near future and just splurge on that Matcha Moon Big Parfait XD

On other notes! I just found out that Kitagawa Yujin from the duo Yuzu is getting married. Read all about it here. It’s just a small news though.


It is said that Kitagawa Yujin is on a countdown to marry Takashima Aya of Fuji TV. This could be called “yuzu” and “joushi ana” to iu ni gumi no couple sorotte GOAL IN suru kamoshirenai.

Here’s the picture, ant”T”. I’ll update more later.

So it is my understanding that, Iwasawa Koji apparently told the media as it is said here.

And he WILL ALSO married to a newscaster too o.O”. Ooki Yuuki according to yahoo also. So this line made sense na~


The picture is from here.

This post is all over the place, Shakina is somewhere at a net cafe in rawamangun getting crazy. So to sum things up. Kitagawa Yujin will marry a newscaster from Fuji TV, Takashima Aya (she is the main caster in Mezamashi.. I think I’ve seen her before in all those L’Arc reports in Mezamashi, at least her voice) .

“Takashima Aya (born February 18, 1979) is an announcer of Fuji TV. She is from Koto, Tokyo. She graduated from Seikei University and became an announcer in 2001. When she was selected as a main newscaster of Mezamashi TV, she had been an announcer for only 2 years. However, her newscasting was steady and welcomed.” taken from Wikipedia article of Mezamashi TV

While Iwasawa Kouji will also marry a newscaster from TV Asahi, Ooki Yuuki, they met through a friend and both of them are fans of Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi. They started seeing each other six months ago. Will update if I can find more news.

To enlight Shakina on her question of what is the statistics of the divorce rate in Japan. I refer to this page.

“…In contrast, divorces have shown an upward trend since the 1960s, hitting a peak of 290,000 in 2002. Since then, the number of divorces and the divorce rate both has declined for four years straight. In 2006, the number of divorces totaled 257,000, and the divorce rate was 2.04 (per 1,000 population).”

So, I guess the chances are kinda slim(?). Because back then people JUST WANTED to get married right away but now they have a lot of considerations when it comes to marriage. True, that the they get married very late according to other Asian countries but they do give attention to the quality of the marriage, thus, the low divorce rate.



  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????? WHY!!!???? WHY ANT”T”???? WHY YUJIN!!????? WHY **MY** YUJIN!!!!??? Why not those cheap new visual kei band members???? WHY NOT THAT OLD HAG TSUYOSHI DOHMOTO!!?? Furthermore, WHY NEWSCASTER!!!?? Maybe she did a conspiration with Megumi Oibitch to marry all the qualified boys and leave no one for a pathetic obsessive J-wannabe like us?? AGAIN WHY YUJIN???? OF ALL PEOPLE WHY YUJIN!!!??? WWWHHHYYYY!!!???? *faints, drown in tears*

  2. I was lying in my bed in peace when I received your message. Tomorrow is the big test and today I skip campus so I can have a long sleep. BUT YOU!! YOU!!!!!!!!! *pointing at the screen, don’t know to whom should be angry at* I drove my car to the internet rental, yeah right it’ll remind you to that scene in Keanu’s movie, and this computer can’t even read japanese!!!! AARRGGHHH!!!!!! I’m sorry ant”T” please let me overflow your blog with rants. I command you to approve it *rolling on the floor*

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