he’s at it again.

Like the picture says, HYDE’s is having another tour on 2008. No title, no plans for future release. Only a live tour. You can check about the tour dates here.  Pretty impressive 6 venues with 6 shows each. He has an obsession about the number, I’m telling you O|Z. I kinda feel disappointed because of this sudden solo announcement. The L’Arc tour hasn’t even started yet, and he is already announcing a LIVE TOUR 2008. WHY!? WHY!? I was really hoping L’Arc to be more active next year. Hoping for another L’Arc tour and more singles, since they are on the right pace now. A solo work now, for any of the member, would kinda disturb that pace. But that’s just me “O|Z.  More waiting. I really hope HYDE would come up with something other than “American Rock”. I really enjoyed ROENTGEN, best work so far. I like 666 and FAITH, but I don’t really listen to it all the time ^^. But because it’s HYDE, I will buy any possible future release, so far my HYDE collection is complete, except for COUNTDOWN single ^^ but I will buy it soon. I just hope that he will sing better this time ^^. Like I said, FAITH LIVE DVD could be greater if his vocals weren’t all over the place ^^. Do your magick, hun, do your magick.

Personal life, let’s say that I feel like Ryutaro (Plastic Tree) in monophobia now. But taishita mondai janai wa ^^. Things like this happens all the time ^^. Working on hyde cross-stitch XD I hope to finish it soon XD Will return with more update, hopefully.


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