boys are toys.

Yesterday, I finally watched Quickie Express with Shakina (she watched this movie twice). This movie is causing big buzz in the Indonesian film scene. The story is about a guy named Jojo (Tora Sudiro), who is a total failure and switches from one job to another. Until, one day he was offered a lucrative job by Mudakir (Tino Saroenggallo). Mudakir then takes him to this pizza restaurant called the Quickie Express, which is actually a cover up for a male escort service. Jojo with other trainees, Piktor (Lukman Sardi-indo only) and Marley (Amink-indo only), then joined the boot camp of becoming gigolos. After a while they finally reached the advanced level and took care elite customers. The twists started to happen when Jojo falls for a Med student, Lila (Sandra Dewi) who is also a daughter of, Jan Pieter Gunarto (Rudy Wowor-indo only), a notorious mafia boss in Indonesia.

This is the first Indonesian movie that I watched in the theater. The storyline and the acting is very good for an Indonesian movie. The best so far, with witty and funny dialogs and humor. Tio Pakusodewo delivered a great performance as an Ambonese right hand of Jan Pieter. Rudy Wowor also delivered quite a performance in this movie. He sucked all of the attention when he is in a scene (I’m quite sure he modeled the character of Jan Pieter from Don Corleone XD but I gotta admit that he looks GOD DAMN HOT for a man of his age). What bugs me in this movie is the stiff acting of Sandra Dewi, I guess she’s still new and all. All in all it’s a hilarious movie, I really suggest for those of you that live in Indo to watch it. Quickie Express delivers a unique taste of adult comedy in the really bland horror and teenage film boom in Indonesia.

Speaking about movies, The Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFest) started last Friday. There will be a lot of internationally acclaimed films played in several theaters in Jakarta. View the official site for film details and schedules. I’m planning to watch La Vie en Rose tomorrow and Persepolis the next day. I wanna watch all of the movies but I have to compromise with my working hours >_< I missed Paprika and Elizabeth: The Golden Age “O|Z There will be another screening of it on the 16th but I’ll be in Bogor that day -__-“



  1. whatttt!!!!
    This is the first Indonesian movie that you watched in the theater???
    how come >_<
    gue kira nih pilem asing, pas temen gue ngajakin nonton quickie express but unfortunately she watched Butterfly hahahax

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