Yabai desu yo!

<- I took this pic fro Yahoo! Auction and these CDs are not mine XD I have most of the stuff listed here, though ^^.

Last Saturday as usual I went home to Bogor. But I had to go to the doctor because there’s a problem with the muscles of my left arm. After that I ate some middle eastern food at MidEast in Bogor XD I really love the atmosphere there. I really should start blogging about food more ^^. But carrying a digital camera is such a hassle. That day I didn’t even brought my cell and my wallet, since I went my mom XD

After that we decided to go to Botani Square to buy groceries and stuff. I decided to buy a simple CD rack because I kept all my CD collection in different Tupperware containers. It’s good because it’s airtight but I don’t really like seeing my CDs stored in 3 different containers. It was just a fuss. So yeah I bought an orange rack that has 4 shelves XD

After I got home I organized all of my CDs (excluding my Ayumi Hamasaki collection there), so the rack consists of L’Arc, HYDE, TETSU69, Gackt and Plastic Tree CDs. I was shock that when I put all of the CDs in, the rack was FULL. When I bought the rack I thought, well I guess only 2 of the shelves will be filled, the other two will be filled with future CD buys. But I was wrong and this was scary because I know that I had a lot of CDs but not that many. But it was more than “that many”. Questions like “How much did I spend for all of this?” and “Where did I get the money to buy all of this?” and “Am I really that obsessed with L’Arc?” appeared in  my head. YABAI!

I started to collect L’Arc CDs when I was in high school. I got my first L’Arc CD on 2001  when I ask my aunt from the US to Clicked Singles Best 13. That year CD shops in Jakarta also started to import Hong Kong version jmusic CDs, so I got some of the albums from there. Then in 2002, I got access to order Japanese CDs because I work in an anime shop (that was a great year XD). I bought most of the CDs I have by saving my own allowance money which was Rp 10.000/day. That’s like a dollar a day. Okane-mochi nanka nai yo. So, that’s why all of those questions appeared. I dare not to actually count how much I spend all of these years. The fact that most of the CDs are Japanese CDs, and some are limited edition CDs made me more… O|Z. So every time I see the rack, I go, “Ore tte YABAI!” All in all, I’m missing 3 albums, 11 singles (excluding Flood of Tears, which is impossible to find now) to complete my L’Arc~en~Ciel CD collection. While, DVDs well, I still have a long way. But ki ni shinai, because I like collecting CDs better. But, for now, I think I really should lay low for a while when it comes to buying L’Arc stuff.


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