drowned traffic light! NO U-TURN!Yesterday I had my first first-hand experience with the flood in Jakarta!  After Atre and Insun came by to the office for lunch, we decided that we should meet up again at Plaza Semanggi after I get out from the office. I got out early at 4 because my boss had gone to a meeting. When I peeked outside the window the sky was already dark, but I don’t really feel the need to bring an umbrella (I then realized that this was a mistake). As usual I rode the busway, halfway to Plaza Semanggi, it started raining. So I though that’s okay, I use an ojek payung (people renting out umbrellas). Fine. But what I failed to avoid was it was flooding up to my calves! I had to take a round route but it was still the same. I took my shoes of when I saw that the water level in front of me is kinda deep. I only wore my socks to prevent any unwanted object to be stuck on my feet! Thank god I was wearing a skirt, if I was wearing pants it’d be soaking wet! The water was brown ewww >_< I really don’t want to visualize that again O|Z

When I finally get to Plaza Semanggi and relatively dry LAND I put on my shoes and make my way to the supermarket. I really gotta get some sandals and a towel. Before, I got there Atre and Insun greeted me and was kinda shocked seeing that I was soaking wet XD Atre offered to lend me his sweater. Thanx XD After that I went looking for the cheapest sandals and towel and storm to the bathroom to clean my feet XD Because Atre’s sweater went down to here *points own diaphragm* I wore it backwards and because it’s big I sorta tie the end of it to fit me XD So okay everything is set and I when I see Socks Gallery, I didn’t think twice to went in and bought a pair of black legwarmers. So yeah, I managed to look like an oshare ninja after the flood XD

Later on we meet up with Diraz and Delvit and Rave XD After Diraz and Delvit went home we talked until the mall was about to close XD It was fun XD I managed to get Shakina 3 Yuzu DVDs XD hahaha ant”T” you owe me a cup of matcha purin from Matcha Moon XD no just kidding XD I really wanna tell you more about a place here called Matcha Moon but I guess I will make a full review later. It’s been a long while since I blog anything about food XD I’ll add some new and good places to eat too if I can XD

So yeah, after this I’m gonna go straight to my uncle’s house and watch LIFE before I go home to Bogor for the weekend XD Pai pai~~ XD


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