LIFE: onna tte kowai mono desu

(=women are scary creatures) I’m tired >_< With my computer dead and all I really can’t do much. Yesterday, I tried to finish LIFE but I was asked to baby-sit my cousins so I was stuck on the 6th episode. School girls are scary, nee? In Indonesia the current issue is bullying but what is exposed in the media are mostly cases with boys. Because boys tend to be more physical when it gets to bullying. But, as seen in LIFE, bullying among girls tend to be mental bullying right? I guess, some cases like that happened when I was in high school, too. But really it didn’t get as bad as it is in the dorama. Girls tend to gang bully and these girls are popular girls. My friend once got bullied by senior girls (in group). They have a bad record of making a girl go blind in one eye once (I heard) and the blind girl got expelled instead of them. Scary, huh? But, that’s just something I heard. They terrorized my friend for something very simple (mainly it was just a misunderstanding, but girls are like that -__-“). At the end I had to stood up for my friend, I guess the leader of the gang got scared of me because I was bigger and taller than her (and braver too XD), I guess.

I think as far as girl bullying goes what you need is just bravery to just confront (or whack the girl in the face XD) and not to be afraid of being called weird and stuff. I think a strong mental condition and self-confidence is needed. I guess that’s why I never got bullied. I just don’t really care with everything that goes around me. I don’t really care if they are popular or not, they’re just people.

Back to LIFE, yeah, girls are scary. Anzai Manami (Fukuda Saki), who kinda looks like Agnes Monica (don’t like her) in the dorama, is a VERY EVIL and manipulative bitch! I guess basically girls are evil, they just know how to act nice. Trust me I know! Women are evil!



  1. hahaha you’re woman too XD
    I watched this until episode 7. The story is a bit scary but I like that XD hwahaha Fukuda Saki really acted really great. I wanna hate her but in real life she’s an angel
    so cutee <33 LOL I like this dorama

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