Sugar! OH Honey Honey!

-This entry was meant to be published on 2007.11.29 before my laptop decided to go dead on me-

My sugar addiction is coming back XD I’m now totally addicted to Fanta Creamy Strawberry (WHY!!!!) previously I was totally hooked on Chrysanthemum Tea and Soy Milk. But now it’s this unhealthy thing. I loathe thee!!! I guess the addiction started a couple of weeks ago when I really wanted to drink it after a long time not having to drink any soda. BUT now this evil thing is taking over me XD

Anyway, I just read the comments from this video of Ishikawa Sayuri‘s performance in the 56th Kouhaku Utagassen. From that I understand that the meaning is very sexual but very nicely put in a beautiful way. Her voice is just brilliant. As few of you may know that I really love enka. Seriously! At first I was kinda liking it because it’s “DASAI!” and stuff because it’s for old people (I like Dasai stuff for some reason. I even cosplayed as a yanki a few times). But in the end, I can really appreciate it. tetsu said that he doesn’t like enka: “I don’t let it near my ears. If I heard any Enka, it might influence me a bit without my noticing it.” HAHAHA XD I guess the reason is good enough since I can’t imagine if he wrote a song that requires singing in a pentatonic scale making hyde’s voce sounding like Hosokawa Takashi XD

I started liking enka on 2006, after I watched the video of Kouhaku Utagassen. The performance that caught me was Mizumori Kaori‘s Gonousen. She is very skillful. Then I started to search videos in youtube. I found some good stuff. I only have one enka CD, my friend copied it for me. It’s Kawanaka Miyuki‘s Naniwa Onna CD. I really like Miyuki’s voice. But now I’m really curious about Ishikawa Sayuri. If you wanna know more about enka, you should visit this page first for an introduction to enka and then Barbara’s Enka Site.

Last night, I finished Nodame Cantabile XD The whole dorama in 3 days XD It’s really good. I would really recommend it. I still can’t get Gackt’s image out of my head every time I see Chiaki sempai. Hiroshi Tamaki does look a lot like Gackt. But aside from Nodame Cantabile, he is not Gackt. Chiaki is Gackt. God, I miss the old Gackt. Am I making any sense here? I really can’t wait for the 2-episode special with Wentz Eiji and Becky XD So, this should be interesting XD

After I’m finished watching Nodame Cantabile I watched LIFE.

I asked my mom to bring me my package of KISS and other L’Arc singles today. HAHAHA finally I can have it in my hands XD


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