KISS + L’Anniversary review

-This entry was supposed to be published on 2007.12.03 but I couldn’t get online then. Also I added a few stuff-

Okay, I had to re-type this whole thing again because the computer froze! STUPID STUPID! From last week I have problems on my laptop, I have to take it to the repair shop today >_< WHY WHY!!! Why does it have to happen on the time when I finally got my MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM, DAYBREAK’S BELL, Hurry Xmas singles and KISS ALBUM!!! O|Z Last Friday, I went berserk with Shakina and a bunch of 11 year olds XD I like hanging out with kids –that are not annoying-. It’s really good for stress release XD But I also went crazy by spending money on sushi and the November issue of NewsMaker (L’Arc cover) AND L’Arc’s 15th L’Anni~ver~sary LIVE DVD!!! O|Z It was payday and I spent like a lot A LOT. But I figured that I would buy them sooner or later or that sooner or later the money will be spent on stuff that is not really visible (morning taxi ride when I’m feeling lazy to take the bus, eating out and stuff). So I figure that, I might as well spend it now, and cut back everything that will consume more money. SO no convenient morning taxi rides, no eating out (bento only).

I don’t really ‘shop’ as in going on a spree buying shoes and clothes, I just buy CDs, DVDs and magazine, but since they are Japanese stuff, they cost more than the regular shoes and clothes. But other than that my money kinda drains away when I’m going out with friends. You know the eating out, the karaoke, and more eating out. SO, this month there will be none of that!

So, last Friday I went home to Bogor, arrived at 11.30 because of Jakarta’s traffic congestion. On a Friday don’t expect you can get home early, especially when you live on Jakarta’s surrounding area (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, etc.). It took me 2 hours to get home. As if I wasn’t tired enough, when I got home I managed to take a shower and devour my DVDs XD I started by watching Hurry Xmas DVD then the L’Anniversary DVD. I decide to listen to the singles and KISS in the morning when my hearing are still fresh XD

On to the review, I think I don’t really need to review Hurry Xmas DVD because you’ve probably seen the PVs already up on youtube, but they do have this Opening of the Movie thing, where they introduce the members. Nothing much, only some animation thingies. Well, if you’re not planning to buy the L’Anniversary, you are making a big mistake. Seeing that L’Arc has a tendency of having performed a similar set of songs on lives the live performance is very colorful because in this DVD there is an array of songs that they never perform in previous official DVD releases. The track list really made me happy because they performed my request, Dune XD I’m really happy that they decide to perform old songs like Voice, All Dead, White Feathers, Natsu no Yuuutsu (time to say good-bye) and even I’m in pain. There are many cool moments on the live (combined both DVDs have over of 3 hours of L’Arc bliss). To name a few there’s Anata, which is usually performed as the ending song. I think the audience were kinda disappointed because “IT ENDS SO FAST!” but the popped out of the stage like they did on Grand Cross Conclusion and performed trick with the guys singing simultaneously. The graphic on the big screen on top of the stage was just “OH MY GOD! I REALLY WAS THERE!”.

STAY AWAY was pretty interesting because they have dancers doing the STAY AWAY dance XD The L’Arc~en~Ciel PARADE 2006 has a certain scary female character, but I guess you’ll have to watch that on your own XD ken and yukihiro’s birthday are so cute XD Dune, Voice and I’m in pain were superb! It is vintage L’Arc complete with hyde wearing the white long dress, how can you not love them! But I see that most of the audience were confused ^^ however you can see some hands waving frantically. Seeing that I feel really happy XD All of the performance was great but if I have to choose one favorite song performance I guess it would be metropolis (but tetsu’s bass line is pretty easy in this song so he just kinda stood there ^^). Out of all of the songs here I have never seen metropolis being performed. I only watched a video from youtube and even that is from a fan video, which is sorta illegal XD I was really in ecstasy when hyde sings the “kono yubi tomare~” part XD MAHAHAHA TOMARENAI YO!!! SUKI NI SUREBA II XD HAHAHA XD Everyone performed very well. It looked like they are really having fun XD hyde’s voice were just to die for! I’m just disappointed that they didn’t have the whole performance of Bye Bye. Instead, they have this youtube look-a-like called L’Arc Turn and it features Bye Bye as you were seeing it in youtube. If you were new to L’Arc and wanted to see them live I would really recommend this DVD and of course Grand Cross Conclusion for starters ^^.

After I watched this I went to sleep at 3 a.m. and wake up at 9 a.m. to listen to the new singles and KISS. I started off with the new singles and when I’m halfway to listening DAYBREAK’S BELL, Shakina called and asked me if I have any plans that day. I said, “not really” because I was gonna stay at home all day listening to KISS ^^. But then she said she wanted to come over to my house and see L’Anniversary because I had texted her saying that “THIS IS L’Arc’s BEST LIVE SO FAR!”. So okay, I’ll delay listening to KISS to watch the DVD again, that’s no problem to me XD After we watched KISS she asked if I have any other doramas that has Toma in it. I said I only have HanaKimi, akihabara@deep and Hana Yori Dango (even though Toma only stars in one episode XD). So we watched the first episode of Akihabara@deep. She really enjoyed it and borrowed it XD She was shock when she saw Nakagomi XD Because the first time he saw Kitamura Kazuki was in Yaoh where he starred as the number one host in the club XD HAHAHA.

So after Shakina went home, I can finally listen to my KISS. IT’S BEAUTIFUL! It really made me smile, I’m glad I waited for the album nd not download the MP3 XD L’Arc really put a lot of effort in this album. I think this album showcased of L’Arc’s music throughout the years since I can find a little bit of something from DUNE to AWAKE. The album starts of with SEVENTH HEAVEN which is reminiscent of Caress of Venus XD Pretty girl is a very fun summer-y song. It jumped to the ever-serene MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM. Sunadokei’s (one of my favorite of the album) intro sounds a lot like As if in a dream *melts* combined with a little SCARECROW from TETSU69 and a just a little dash of White Feathers and guitar riffs that reminds me of Kaze no Yukue. My heart melts when I hear this song ToT. After Sunadokei, it jumps to a more modern spiral with a super fast tempo, the bass and drums sounded very dominant XD I really like the chorus where the tempo is kinda slowed down and the drums kinda softens up. After that comes the most haunting song in this album, ALONE EN LA VIDA. Pay close attention to this song because everything about it is really beautiful reminiscent of Anemone and LOST HEAVEN in a way ToT details oh details on the strings; I just can’t put it in words. The next track is DAYBREAK’S BELL, followed by the beautiful and feels-like-turmoil-ridden, Umibe. hyde’s voice is just TT^TT I really love the beat programming on this song. After that comes THE BLACK ROSE, which kinda reminds me of Shi no Hai and It’s the end for some reasons XD Link –KISS Mix- sounds nice, they added more details on the background but I just can’t put my fingers on it. Yuki no Ashiato… BEAUTIFUL! hyde’s falsetto T^T Beautiful. I really can’t say more, since every time I listen to it I’m always at the verge of balling my eyes out. The album wraps up with Hurry Xmas XD So to keep the tally; ken has 5 songs 1 lyric, tetsu 3 songs 1 lyric, hyde 3 songs 9 lyrics, and yukihiro 1 song 1 lyric. *APPLAUSE* Hats off to this beautiful album. I really like everything about this album. I bring it with me everywhere since I can’t put the songs in my L’Arc~m~An because my laptop is broken >_<. Listening to this album makes me really wanna see L’Arc perform the song live but L’Arc’s Theater of KISS tickets, SOLD OUT! KUSO KUSO!!! There goes my dream of getting a cheap ticket. I ordered ticket through this online shop owner in Jakarta. He said that now that the tickets are no more, he would have a hard time finding tickets. But he will be able to get tickets in order of seats. But the thing is arena seats are expensive! But I’ll have to stick with it, I guess. I feel like this is really my last chance to see L’Arc O|Z because responsibilities are piling up. College, work, relationship, LIFE! I’ve been stalling all of these things because of this obsession I have XD

Anywho, the performers of Kouhaku has been announced XD (source: tokyograph)

Red Team: aiko, AKB48, Angela Aki, Amin, Ayaka, BoA, Leah Dizon, Dreams Come True, Natsuko Godai, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hello! Project 10th Anniversary Kohaku Special Team (Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, °C-ute), Ayaka Hirahara, Yo Hitoto, Sayuri Ishikawa, Miyuki Kawanaka, Sachiko Kobayashi, Kumi Koda, Kaori Kozai, mihimaru GT, Kaori Mizumori, Yoko Nagayama, Shoko Nakagawa, Ataru Nakamura, Mitsuko Nakamura, Mika Nakashima, Ai Otsuka, Fuyumi Sakamoto, Yoshimi Tendo, Akiko Wada

White Team: Masafumi Akikawa, Toshihide Baba, EXILE, Akira Fuse, Gackt(!!!), Kiyoshi Hikawa, Ken Hirai, Hiroshi Itsuki, Saburo Kitajima, Takeshi Kitayama, Kobukuro, Kome Kome Club, Kiyoshi Maekawa, Noriyuki Makihara, Kenichi Mikawa, Shinichi Mori, Porno Graffiti, Masashi Sada, SMAP, Masato Sugimoto, Sukima Switch, Akira Terao, Ichiro Toba, TOKIO, Hideaki Tokunaga, w-inds., WaT

bold means that I’m looking forward to see the performances XD I still don’t like Leah Dizon for some reasons -___-“. BUT LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE ENKA SINGERS!!! Miyuki and Sayuri will perform YEAH!!!


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