happy birthday, mr smoker XD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ken! Keep creating brilliant music! My love toward L’Arc has been level up these days. I haven’t seen my copy of KISS yet >_<. I’m now really tempted to download MP3s of it. BUT NO!! I have to be strong! Mou sukoshi dake! I’m really curious about Sunadokei! I head the preview and it sounded like L’Arc’s earlier works like in DUNE. Even the title sounds DUNE-ish. I’m just overwhelmed by everything L’Arc right now. Not to mention the tickets will be on sale TWO DAYS FROM NOW!!! OH GOD PLEASE LET ME HAVE THOSE TICKETS! I beg you!

Anyway, been looking for an enka song by Ishikawa Sayuri called Amagi goe (youtube short PV). I found the song but it’s not the same version as the video. If some body could help me I would be really thankful. I really like enka so much. But it’s so hard to find them here. I only got some from youtube. Other that Ishikawa Sayuri I also like Kawanaka Miyuki. Mostly female enka singers. Now that I am subscribed to NHK I’ll be looking forward to this year’s Kouhaku Utagassen. I really want L’Arc to perform there this year. I haven’t seen the line up for this year’s Kouhaku though. I’m expecting many good performances this year. And this this one of the few chances I get to see ENKA!!! Hmmm, I wonder if Gackt will perform. Where is Gackt anyway? He is releasing his Gundam album, but I haven’t heard any Gackt-ish news from him. I only have Chiaki Sempai from Nodame Cantabile to remind me of how he was XD C’mon Chiaki is Gackt! *delusional*

De wa, it’s 4 o’clock now and I’m going home early today. YAY!!! XD see you tomorrow!!!



  1. Hi. I found your blog through a Google search for “Showa nostalgia” of all things. Looks like we share some interests…

    In any case, I’d be happy to email you the mp3 of Amagi Goe if you’d like. The one I have sounds mostly like the YouTube video… should be the version you’re looking for.

    Also, if you happen to have any articles (webpages) on Showa nostalgia other than the two you pointed you several posts ago, I’d love to see them. I’m rather interested in the subject at the moment, and there seems to be surprisingly little of substance out there, judging from my cursory Google searches and such.


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