It’s here! FAITH LIVE review and Nodame Cantabile!

Nyao just texted me today to inform that my CDs (KISS, MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM, DAYBREAK’S BELL, Hurry Xmas) have arrived *applause*. But since it will be sent to Bogor I can’t listen to it until this weekend or until my dad brings it for me. But I guess it’s better to wait till the weekends(? – still not sure). Because if I ask my dad to bring it to Jakarta, I have no CD player here, and all I can do is drool all over the CD jacket XD  I dunno we’ll see.

Yesterday, I watched HYDE’s FAITH LIVE DVD for the first time. I have to tell you that I’m really disappointed by his voice. It’s really all over the place. I guess that’s what you get from smoking and drinking like a rock star before the show. I guess hyde once said that he didn’t like his voice in the DVD. I can understand why ^^;; But I really like the DVD for some reason. It’s a great live show! And I think if I don’t really pay attention to his voice I would really enjoy it, because some parts of the DVDs are just ARGH!!!

Yesterday, I also watched Nodame Cantabile. I finally picked it up to see what the buzz is all about ^^.  It was really hilarious! I like the character of Chiaki Shinichi which is starred by Hiroshi Tamaki. When I see it I said to myself “Oh my Gackt!”. While Hiroshi Tamaki kinda looks like Gackt and SOUNDS like hi too, his character is the image of Gackt before he went all DIABOLOS and stuff. Like, in my head I always picture Gackt to be KONNA MONO DA! (like this).  Gackt loo-a-like or not I really enjoy watching this dorama. I managed to watch 2 episodes last night, I will continue to watch the rest of it tonight XD



  1. hi there.. Actually Hyde himself say to the media that he didn’t really care with his voice during Faith live. He purposely screwed it up ^.^’ (But still, i bet i would become his followers too if i were there)

  2. Haha I love Nodame! Their expressions are very anime-ish deshou? Esp Chiaki-sama..I love the slow-mo of his expressions when he punch Nodame lol And the overall casts are awesome too. I adore S Ochestra ^^

    Ahh I was mewing Toma’s name when I watched this last year..His gesture and side profile looks like Toma to me. But I agree with his voice = Gackt!

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  4. Hi, I came across your blog while googling for *gackt chiaki shinichi*. I’ve just finished watching Nodame Cantabile and yeah, Chiaki’s character reminds me a lot of Gackt’s character. Not to mention that Chiaki’s voice is also almost similar to Gackt’s voice.

    Sugoii drama ^_^

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