here we go again

Found this press conference video of ayana on youtube XD now if I could only find Abe Hiroshi’s press conference about his marriage >_< I really wanna see. I’m glad he’s finally settling down like tetsu. Boy, every guy that seems to be very comfortable with being a bachelor are getting married. Abeeee~~~ >_< There are really not much fans of Abe out there X( I’m curious about this movie Jigyaku no Uta, you can find the trailer on youtube. The fact that it stars two of the most talented actors out there, Abe Hiroshi and Miki Nakatani, makes me really wanna see it. I don’t really see fans of these two people around. I found some fans of Abe Hiroshi at the jdorama forum. Abe should really deserve more recognition than this T-T Just because he isn’t young anymore, that doesn’t mean he isn’t a talented actor. *ranting* I don’t like the fact that it’s hard for me to find movies and dorama of Abe Hiroshi here >_<

So, back to the reviews, I finally watched Letters From Iwojima last week. Why does it took me so long to watch it? Because, it’s a war movie. Sometimes war movies can be really good but I don’t really watch them. When someone’s watching one, I might join in and watch it also, but when I never have the initiative to watch it by myself. But since I’m very curious of this movie especially when this is a Clint Eastwood movie and I wanna see how Ninomiya Kazunari perform in it. It was GREAT! The acting was great, the cast made it very real! Nino WAS GREAT! It was one of the most humane war movies out there. Eastwood really did a brilliant job working with the cast (since, he can’t speak Japanese) XD Ken Watanabe as always did a superb job acting as General Tadamichi Kuribayashi. Great movie! But like many war movies I will not watch it for a second time. It’s too heart-wrenching >_<. I doubt that I will see Flags Of Our Fathers, though. But we’ll see.

Another movie I watched this week is Tenshi (angel), starring Kyoko Fukada as the sweet and curious angel that likes gin lime. This movie is so-so. It’s really sweet and the colors are great but it doesn’t really excite you. Watch it if you don’t have anything else to watch ^^. Kyoko Fukada is really sweet in this movie, though.

Christmas is coming, I’m looking for japanese songs that are christmas-ey like Itsuka no Merry Christmas by B’z and I Wish by L’Arc~en~Ciel. I’m thinking of buying one Christmas tree decoration and hang it on my bag as a key chain or something XD I saw some cute ones for sale at Centro, Plaza Semanggi. If I go there today, I’ll buy one ^^.


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  1. Ahhh Abe’s getting married *beams* it’s about time..isnt he the cutest thing ever doing a peace sign and holding sketchy pic of his bride to Ueda-ish xD

    I’m belong to the type who stay away from war movies but Iwo Jima is an exception and similiar to you, I will not watch it for a second time too haha. I love how Nino “act” and express emotions using his eyes.

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