minna shiawasesou ni ai o kataru

(= everyone happily saying they love each other) Hmm, after the press about thing have sorta died out, umm well not really, there Japanese news websites are still updating. They are posting like crazy. I won’t give individual link just check out for yourself here (japanese only, but if you do wanna try and find news about tetsu-ayana look out for 酒井彩名 on the article title). More pictures of ayana and her heart shaped Harry Winston diamond ring here, just click a picture and that will lead you to the gallery.

The proposal was very romantic (I rarely use that word, BUT IT IS!). Very L’Arc-ish, IMO. They went on a drive, with Hitomi no Juunin playing, and when they saw a rainbow, tetsu propose “Kekkonshite kudasai” (please marry me) and she said “Atashi de ii no?” (Is it okay if it was me? – yeah close to that). Just so sweet, I AM MELTING! There are some interesting info from fourth ave cafe (newsmaker section) on how hyde wanted a Harry Winston diamond ring from tetsu as a L’Arc 10th anniversary gift. CUTE! But the fact that they went doing solo project on their 10th anniversary, instead of tetsu giving a diamond ring to hyde, is sad.

Honestly, I’m pooped out XD Too many things in only a few days >_< So now it’s back to your regularly scheduled program, (until there are more breaking news) *dramatic BGM* I still haven’t receive my copy of KISS album yet. It’s already been shipped, but I better don’t have my hopes up, so I’m expecting it on early December.

I went to celebrate (tetsu-ayana wedding) with Shakina yesterday. We went to Doremi-do, a japanese karaoke place in Wijaya and pretty much sing every L’Arc and TETSU69 songs (wonderful world, Dearest Love, Shinjitsu to Gensou to, As if in a dream, to name a few). Finally, I can get rid of all that suppressed tension of the unexpressed hype (since I access most of the news from work, I can’t really squee now, can I? ^^).

UPDATE: Nothing much. Been looking for ayana’s press conference video >_< found nothing. Now, I’m currently looking at pictures of hyde. Sleepy



  1. all this hype about them getting hitched… finally it’s confirmed! Omedetou, Leader-sama to Sakai-san! ^_^ Tet-chan is all grown up and getting married. And omigosh, the way he proposed… *major fan-girl squeeing* i’m gonna make my future husband propose to me like that too! Haha! But was it just coincidence that his band’s song was playing or did he set it up? Sneaky Tet-chan…

    You have Japanese karaoke lounges? That’s so cool… So far, the only L’Arc songs i’ve managed to find in a karaoke lounge are “Stay Away” (which is fun to rock out to with friends, esp. when the only line they can sing is “causes stain, stay away~~~” lol) and also “Pieces”. You guys are so lucky!

  2. as a fan of tetsu… it’s a very shocking news…
    few of my friend become very uncomfortable with the news..
    many rumours spread along with his marriage news…
    but as a good fan.. we all just can wish him to be happy…
    it’s all for his smile….

    tetz… kekkon omedetto gozaimasu….

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