Picture is from here and the other one is from here. I’ll update later. I’m just so SHOCKED!!! HAPPY BUT SHOCKED!!!

UPDATE: When I finally got in to Ayana’s website, I realize something, I can read japanese, but I CAN’T UNDERSTAND MOST OF THE KANJI. Would someone please translate this please. I’m going crazy!

UPDATE: More news here, she said that “That person won’t show up” (referring to the formal announcement (I’m translating fast people. Chances are I’m getting it wrong). It is said here: that she “Wants to be together forever”. Still trying to read Ayana’s blog.

UPDATE: Why am I forgetting that KISS is out today!!! Can’t wait for my copy. It will arrive in December -___-“. I found this new feature from LArcom.net. Enter the special section and click LOGIN beside the KISS picture. Then you will asked to enter a password. Enter 1234 (which is the CD code of KISS). Then play the slot machine. The object is to get the all of the members in line of the slot. And you will get to access a KISS wallpaper. GREAT

UPDATE: Found another new picture here. Sorry to say, this picture looks kinda scary XD

UPDATE: HaRu3i from Pieces Forum kindly translated this entry from Ayana’s blog

Today, I have an important announcement to make!

I, Ayana Sakai, will marry tetsu-san from L’Arc-en-Ciel.

I’m sorry to surprise you with the sudden news.

We meant to announce the marriage to everyone beforehand….
We did not expect this, either.

I am still immature, but I will work my hardest to become a wonderful wife who will be able to support him.

I am extremely happy that I was able to meet someone very kind and whom I can respect, as well as the fact that together, we can be a family.

I will continue with my job as I did previously.
(…no, I will even work harder)

So, please support us.

Sakai Ayana

This translation from tetsu’s mobile blog was also translated by HaRu3i:

“To everyone important to me”

Today I have an announcement to make for all of you who support me.
I, tetsu, and Ayana Sakai will be getting married.

I‘m “getting married!”
I still can’t believe it myself, but I am very happy and thankful that I was able to meet her, who made me feel this way.

I will work harder to bring better music to everyone,
so please keep looking after us warmly.

Thank you in advance for your support.

November, 2007
L’Ac-en-Ciel tetsu

Oh that is just so sweeeeeeeeeet *squee* both of them are so sweet! LOVE THEM. I like when tetsu said he can’t believe that he is getting married. The same goes to all of us! But, I’m very happy they went public with all of this. Rather than a certain couple that don’t look and don’t wanna look like a couple. *hyde*cough*megumi*cough cough*. The thing is, I really feel that tetsu-ayana is very opposite from hyde-megu. hyde-megu met in the public eye (Utaban) but after that everything seems to be kept carefully under wraps. Leaving us, the fans with endless curiousity. While the tetsu-ayana camp does the exact opposite. The met each other out of the public eye, keep everything under wraps until now. I prefer the tetsu-ayana camp. This way we can actually see that they are happy together (and not speculate). I SUPPORT TETSU-AYANA!!!

Oh I just realized the heart logo says AT November 2007. How sweet and adorable XD *squee* My heart melts seeing you guys ^^ SUITE NOVEMBER IT IS NEE? XD

UPDATE: Yahoo! headline translation from -Din- also at Pieces Forum:

Ok so this afternoon, there was an official press meeting where Ayana announced the marriage plans.

They’ll get registered this year and have a wedding early next year, inviting only the close people (so they are apparently not married yet…confused desu?)
She calls him tetsu san and he calls her u-chan

She has sent to both L’anni concerts and to mata haato ni at sendai and kagoshima
They met through a mutual friend.

From the beginning tetsu asked her out with MARRIAGE IN MIND

She got proposed in september(other news say august), during a drive when they saw a rainbow.
He chose that pink jacket for her .

The ring’s approximately 20,000,000 yen and it’s a Harry Winston, 2.2 carat .

She’s not pregnant.

“”I thought no one would love me this much”

Harry Winston (wiki), that is really HIGH HIGH CLASS! Jacket from tetsu was apparently a CHANEL!!! He DOES pick nice clothes. He said in Gocha Maze that if he were a husband he would be good at picking presents for his wife, because he likes fashion ^^. Good for him XD

UPDATE: Went googling for Harri Winston’s diamond engagement ring collection and found this on his official website. Which one do you think it is? If tetsu had it custom made, it will not be any of the below.

I  think it’s this ring in the middle (above pic). Since Ayana’s ring looks kinda triangle-ish to me. I don’t know, that’s just me.



  1. aaaaa~~
    omedettou my lovely daddy tetchan~!!!!
    SHOKKU bgt tau tetsu nikah…
    sma AYANA pula!! yay!!
    Ayana idola ku jugaa.. krn dia udah banyak maen dorama…
    gila… beda 16th…
    so SWEET~~!!!!!!!!!

    leganya klo ayana blom hamil… kesannya mereka nikah krn kecelakaan..

  2. gile yah,,
    sayaka ayana nikah ma tetsu bukan karena harta?
    khe,,je,,he,,he masa mau maunya nikah ama om-om gitu,,
    walopun sekeren apapun itu cukup aneh bagi aku,,
    tetsu hati-hati,,

  3. ^^V pizzz.. my sensei t’lah melepas masa lajangnya..
    jadi pengen meriiitt.. wkwkwk umur gw masih 17 ..V
    gw jadi pengen tau tuh anak tetsu kayak sapa ntar
    kayak “GW” hehehe ^^V
    wokeh slamat bwat tetsu
    before you kiss ayana kiss your mom hand
    wkwkwk I LOVE LARUKU
    cwo neee.. ^^V pizz

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