WEDDING PANIC! More on Sakai Ayana

This is what I found earlier in the day when I had just opened my computer to check out the news I missed over the weekend. When I opened The Ark BBS I was very shocked to find out that tetsu WILL marry Sakai Ayana. So I open my feed reader at bloglines to find this (from tokyograph) and this: (translated by Nanani over at Minna Genki)

tetsu of L’Arc and Sakai Ayana to marry
On November 17th, it was discovered that the leader and bassist of popular rock group L’Arc~en~Ciel, tetsu (age 38) and popular idon Sakai Ayana (22) are to be married. They began seeing each other during the summer of last year. Finally, they visited each other’s parents and reported to their close acquaintances that they will marry. Sakai has said “When I get married, I want an audience to see it”, but we are still waiting for official confirmation early this week.It will be a shocking wedding to the young fans of both this charismatic musician and idol. The age difference between them is of 16 years. As a fashion model for magazine “Ray”, Sakai had the opportunity to meet the members of L’Arc, or so her model coworkers have said.They started seeing each other last summer. Sakai was seen on both consecutive days of last November’s concerts in Tokyo Dome (Translator Note : That would be 15th L’Anniversary), and this year she was seen at the arena tour dates of Kagoshima and Sendai, where she watched her lover on stage.Their dating spots include movie theatres and Karaoke boxes. Looking at both of their blogs, mysteries become clear. They talk about the same movies, and on July 24th Sakai used the expression “Awa awa shitete”, which is a rather unique way of speaking, then three days later tetsu used the same expression, showign that they speak similarly. Along with their way of speaking, they have similar taste in fashion, and both have said publically that they like pink.According to inside sources, this September they announced it to their parents, and this October tetsu dined in a restaurant with Sakai’s parents. It was finally announced to other close people on the 17th of this month, and it is expected that an annoucement will come directly from them in the next few days.

Incidentally, Sakai approached a designer this last August and had a wedding dress designed, called “Aya natural”, and stated publically “I want to get married when I’m 26. When it happens I want to have an audience”. She also said “I am still such a child, so I would like a partner who is older than me.” “When the time comes, I hope the one who comes for me will have long hair”, one can imagine tetsu in this line. Once the wedding announcement arives early this week, the day of their joyous wedding should also be confirmed.

Oh good GOD! I just can’t tell you how excited and relieved (those who know me know the reason) I am to hear this news. Here‘s the news from sponichi and japan-zone and here at Pieces forum you can find pictures of the news on several Japanese newspaper in this thread. Sakai is very cute and active too! She her page at dramawiki page here. There’s also a very good article about her on metropolis (I advise you to read this). Busy girl. She’s a designer too! Here line is called Ayanature. And she also maintains a blog here.

But first, of course, there is that question of getting married at 26. What sort of man would fit the bill? “He must be someone who can lead, but not be pushy. He also has to have long hair. If he doesn’t, I’ll make him grow his hair long,” she insists. Is this what she means about changing people? “You’ve been reading my blog,” she says with a laugh. “I make things happen with people around me. If you’re feeling blue, I’ll cheer you up. I’ve read a lot on encouraging people. I like books that leave you feeling optimistic and make you like yourself.” Sakai updates her blog nightly. “I can do it in the tub via my cellphone. I get a lot of messages from young women who encourage me,” she says. – from metropolis.

I did a lot of googling around the internet for Sakai Ayana and came up with these information. This is from this site, Memory of Ayana (apparently it was last updated on July of 2000).She can play the violin and piano and likes to draw manga. Likes dodgeball (tough ^^;;) and soft ball) .

Favorite food: strawberry (typical ne ^^;;), mushrooms, ramen and grape.
Dislikes food: chicken (finally someone who doesn’t like chicken XD), tomato and ginger.
Likes: Tokyo Disneyland (maybe she’ll drag tetsu there someday XD) and games.
Afraid of: Jet coasters, ghost, and guys (this is funny XD)
Favorite entertainers: T.M. Revolution and SPEED (remember the site haven’t been updated in 7 years)
Favorite brand: Super lovers (HAHA! no wonder) and OLIVES des OLIVE.
Her nickname is Ayanacchi, Ayanan (sounds like Osaka ben XD).

Some videos of here in youtube: Licca – GOOD LOVE PV (her girl group back then), some show, her wedding dress line Ayanature CMS one, two and three, and an old glico CM.

Seems like a very nice girl (don’t flame me for this). I’m really glad tetsu finally decides to settle down because he states in various places that he’s not the type to get married or just avoid the topic. Honestly, since 2005 I’ve been kinda worrying about him. He always looks weary. I guess, the tetsu that looks like his bouncing back to his old self little by little is from this girl. I’ll be googling more on here. If I find anything interesting I will post here. I’m going to lunch soon.

UPDATE: Back from lunch with Niceey, even though it’s just a quick lunch since we couldn’t get through traffic because of the heavy rain. About tetsu-sakai’s age difference she said that they are supposed to marry women of that age (just because she has the same age as me and also one year her senior) XD. She’s also glad to hear the news. Finally there will be someone that will take care of tetsu. I really hate seeing him living like a nomad, always moving around from one apartment to another. At least now he will settle down XD De ha CONGRATS, TETSU XD


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