Yesterday I watched HOLD UP DOWN starring V6. I was really hoping much since the last J Storm movie I watched, Kiiroi Namida starring Arashi was really good. V6’s HOLD UP DOWN was really funny. The story starts with 2 friends (Miyake Ken & Inohara Yoshihiko) trying to rob a bank in santa suits. They succeed but the thing is, their car got towed. So they ran to the nearest station an decided to stash their money in a coin locker. But they realized they don’t have coins to do so. So they robbed 800 yen from a street singer (Okada Junichi) in the station, who then chase them down. When the two robbers finally gets away from them, they realized that they dropped the key to the coin locker and the street singer picked it up. Well, they rest you have to see. The story is funny, especially the when an ex-priest (Morita Go) thought that he had receive a message from Jesus (who really is the street singer) try to save the son of God. The scene of a frozen “Jesus” sliding on a road was just hilarious! But it the story took different turns when they went in to this “haunted” hotel, which we learned later that it wasn’t haunted at all. I don’t really get the cause for them to be fighting in this hotel. This movie could be a good movie, if not for that one fighting segment in the hotel. Weird -___-“.

What I did like was Galileo. It’s a detective story that is kinda similar to TRICK (Abe Hiroshi, Nakama Yukie) because we see here two different person. One is a genius physicist and a university professor, Yukawa Manabu or often called Tantei Galileo (Fukuyama Masaharu) and one is a rookie cop, Utsumi Kaoru (Shibasaki Kou). The difference from TRICK is that this character is not as funny, the villains are not weird people, and the case-solving are mainly done by using science, whereas TRICK uses various of magic tricks. I really can’t say which one is better. It all depends on people’s taste. But, if I have to choose, I will have to go by TRICK, because Abe Hiroshi and Nakama Yukie’s chemistry is just superb.

Rainy season has come to Jakarta. I’ve already read many news about flooding (video on youtube) and falling trees (video in youtube) in some places. Near where I work (just two bus stops away) at Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (video on youtube), there was this huge billboard of the President and the Vice President promoting social work (or something -don’t remember-). So, because of the strong wind… it fell -__-“. I hope the flood won’t be as big as the flood from February this year (see video here). But having flood here it’s like having a snow day in the US. No school and hopefully no work XD


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