Shouwa de Show wa muri!

(=We can’t do a Showa show!) Yes this is a part of Hey! Say! 7’s debut single Hey! Say! I don’t really know about this but when I saw Music Station on Animax, Tamori (the host) said that he was kinda offended by the lyric, and went on saying probably there are a lot of people are offended too. But one of the members said that they don’t mean any harm. Because they are all born in the Heisei era, there’s no way they could perform in the Showa era. I get this. But was people really offended by it? Please tell me, because this part I don’t get.

Yesterday night I finally watched Kiiroi Namida yesterday. It was really good!!! It’s about these five young men living in Tokyo (more info here) trying to make it in what they aspire to do. The main characters are these 4 of these men. One is a manga artist, Muraoke Eisuke (Ninomiya Kazunari); one is a painter, Shimokawa Kei (Ohno Satoshi); a novelist, Mukai Ryuzo (Sakurai Sho); and a pop singer, Inoue Shoichi (Aiba Masaki); the other is a delivery man that works in a grocery store, Katsumada Yuji (Matsumoto Jun). They are the members of Arashi, a japanese pop group. Some people might think that because they are members of a japanese boyband this movie would be filled of beauty shot of them, well THEY ARE WRONG! This movie is GREAT! It shows you that sometimes you can’t always get what you want. TT^TT

I like movies like this. It’s very nostalgic in a sense that the story took place in the midst of the Showa era in Japan. I have watched similar film like this and I liked them all. My favorite one was ALWAYS: Sanchome no Yuuhi (=Sunset on 3rd Street). I just can’t tell you how great this movie is. All of the characters in the 3rd street are just so real. People are still recovering from the war. But they still have hope for the future since the war was already over. The character I like in ALWAYS was of course Furuyuki Junnosuke, the abandoned boy. I really like the scene where he’s very happy with tears running down his eyes eventhough when Chagawa Ryunosuke, the writer, had betrayed him and plagiarized his story. There were happy moments and there were sad moments. I think this is what they called amai setsunai TT^TT.

Another movie I like that sorta features the Showa era, is Memories of Matsuko. THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE! starring Nakatani Miki as Kawajiri Matsuko! This movie tells a story about the life of Matsuko, put together as pieces of puzzles from those that knew her. At the beginning of the movie Matsuko was found dead near the river. Her nephew, Sho (Eita), starts to wonder if she had live a meaningless life all this time as he puts the puzzle pieces together one by one.

Matsuko life seemed enchanted in her early years of childhood. Having a sick sister, she always had to fight for her father’s love. Matsuko grew up to be a very popular junior high school teacher at the age of 23. But at a school trip her life was ruined when one of her student, Ryu (Yusuke Iseya), stole money from a shop and blamed her for it. She loss her job and was later disowned by her own family.

The movie follows Matsuko’s journey to find love even though the love that she gave was returned with physical abuse and later on leaves her. Matsuko survived through being a sex worker, prison inmate and still keep holding on strong to find true love. When she was abandoned by her last lover, Ryu, who was also her student back in junior high, Matsuko started to crumble. Until finally one day she died.

I picked up this movie because I noticed that Tetsuya Nakashima (Shimotsuma Monogatari aka Kamikaze Girls) was directing this movie. Like on Kamikaze Girls, I like Nakashima’s play on colors and light in this movie. His direction is just brilliant in making the tragic wonderland of Matsuko. I would really suggest you to find see this movie.

And so, I’m looking for more movies that emphasize the Showa era. As you can see in this article, the Japanese have this Showa nostalgia boom. Hmm, naru hodo. This article about the Showa era is pretty new. When I saw the cigarette shop in Kiiroi Namida with the old shopkeeper lady. It felt really touching. Doraemon was made in the Showa era too! I remember they have this tabako shop in the corner with with the very old lady watching the shop. Probably looked like this (the third picture-japanese only). In Crayon Shin-chan ‘s 9th movie. I think wanted to go back to that period also (haven’t watch the movie in full but lots of people said that it was the best Shin-chan movie. See the review here. If you look-up 昭和(Showa) in Google image you will find a lot of nostalgic Showa related pictures.


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