Hurry Xmas is here!

So excited! Hurry Xmas is out today XD I can’t tell you how happy I am looking at the pictures of the in store promotion on The Ark BBS. I wish I was there. Oh here is the link for I WISH 2007  That means we have one week until KISS is released XD Can’t wait! I CAN’T WAIT! Any way this is the picture of the limited edition of Hurry Xmas. I really like the dear’s silhouette XD

My copy hasn’t arrived yet. They will send it out on the release date of KISS.

Oh made a new project that is called “10 Questions From A Friend“. Basically, I will ask my friends to submit me 10 questions about anything that is related to me or can be related to me. ^^. I’m really looking forward to this XD

Oh have you check this out. It’s a Yahoo special event on L’Arc~en~Ciel. Each member has their own section. hyde: video, ken:  blog, tetsu: quiz (only got 5 correct! *SEPPUKU*) yukihiro: music review. I can’t understand most of it. It’s in Japanese -___-“


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