ironna food!

My current food boom is Chowking. Maybe because I’m now kinda broke -__-“. Chowking is good and cheap, which is just what I need right now. I really feel the need for some good nasi goreng (fried rice) or some gado-gado. Before, I also had the urge to eat in a certain food chain like Loco Moco ( a hawaiian food chain). I don’t really like junk food chains. I don’t eat at McDonald’s (at least if I really have to I stay away from the burgers) and at KFC, I stay away from the chicken. I’m not to fond of chicken really. I stay away from meat that looks like its original form. That’s why I only eat sushi and not whole fried fish.

Enough about food, I don’t feel well lately. My back hurts, my stomach hurts, I have headaches sometimes. I’m just tired probably >_< I need some rest. I want to go home this weekend and bake an apple pie and make mango pudding. YUMMY! I have to get myself some gelatin.

On other news, I just got Wentz Eiji’s Gegege no Kitaro yesterday XD Haven’t watched it. Will watch it this weekend along with Arashi’s Kiiroi Namida and Kyoko Fukada’s Tenshi. I haven’t seen Kyoko Fukada in movies since Kamikaze Girls, so this should be fun. And, oh, I got my first facial yesterday. It hurts when they squeeze stuff out of your face. IYA DA!!! Why did I decide to get it in the first place? Because I took the ojek (motorcycle taxi) to get to work yesterday. And when my mom asked whether if I want one, I thought, why the hell not. BUT IT HURTS!!! Afterwards it’s kinda soothing. But, I don’t like to pay for torture. So the next time I decide to get one, I make sure I REALLY need one.


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