(= I smell blood!) This weekend I stayed in Jakarta. Other than waiting for my laptop that was currently being repaired. Me+niceey+shaki had planned to do a photo shoot around SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District) . So on Friday night I crashed at Shakina’s place so we could go to Ambasador Mall in the morning and meet up with niceey in the afternoon XD We meet up and she gave me songs from Gunther including Ding Dong Song (which is sounds like one of those songs they have you listen to brain wash you). Ooh you touch my tralala~~ *scared*

It was really tiring since we got back from the shoot at 2 am. OH CRAP! Shaki went to sleep first since she had to wake up at 5 in the morning because she had a watch duty on a hospital. Me and niceey slept at 2.30. I woke up in the morning (6am) to find that my nose is bleeding! -_____-” quite a lot. I freaked! I guess I was too tired XD I’m still dizzy even now. I bought chocolate donuts to balance out my sugar capacity XD

ews on L’Arc? A lot. Please check The Ark BBS. I hardly can keep up. I’m thinking of buying this edition of BASS magazine. Oh yesterday was hyde’s boy’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY… uhmmm whoever your name is!! *YAY* XD Still no pictures of you? That’s okay ^^. 2 days till the release of Hurry Xmas. 8 days till sakura’s birthday. 9 days till the release of KISS. 12 days till yukihiro’s birthday. 16 days till ken’s birthday and the airing of Cartoon KAT-TUN XD. And hopefully at the start of December I will get my KISS CD. See this is how I know Christmas is near *hearts*


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