Some interesting news on some japanese stuff. Gackt is releasing a Gundam album >_< it’s called 0079-0088. Seriously. Oh my god this man *shakes head* where is the Gackt that used to make songs like Secret Garden and Seki-rei! Frankly, I can’t see him as, you know, the godly talented Gackt ever since he released Love Letter. Returner was so Gackt but I really don’t know what to expect from this Gundam album, since I’m not a Gundam fan myself >_< A single is fine but a whole album??

And oh!!! Ikuta Toma will take the role of Takemoto Yuta in Honey and Clover dorama on Fuji TV every Tuesday at 9 starting from January 8th, 2008 XD Nice XD Hagumi will be played by Nasumi Riko (you might know her from One Litre of Tears as Ako, Aya’s sister) This, according to my friend yamapink who pretty much knows everything about Toma and Johnny’s, is the the first ever for a Jr. to take on the lead role on a dorama. Good job Toma XD This character will be very different from his very well known role of Nakatsu Suichi. I can’t wait to see this dorama!

It rained yesterday when I went home. I can’t complain because I love the rain. I got back from work a little bit late because there were something wrong with my computer >_< Outside was already raining so I had to run. I don’t really like going home late from work because the bus would be crowded and I have to wait a long time >_< Until now I didn’t have an umbrella, but I was forced to buy one yesterday. It’s black, of course XD

I guess rain is very much needed in Jakarta. BUT there’s no good that can come of it if it rained a bit too much in Jakarta. See photos of the flood here. Well, not always, kids have always have talents of making the best out of things ^^. See here.

When I was in high school, me and my friends liked singing L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Singin’ in the Rain every time it rained on our way home from school. But then, every so often, the rain got heavier! If we sang it when the sky was clear not long after that rain will fall. So back then we were very careful when we want to sing it XD You know, like if we were going to the mall after school, then we won’t sing it. I know it doesn’t make any sense but it was so fun XD

I live in Bogor, and Bogor in known to be the Kota Hujan or Rain City here in Indonesia. Why? In Bogor, it always rain even when it’s dry season, well, at least used to. I guess due to the climate change Bogor has become a bit hotter with lesser rain X( It is said that when it rains in Bogor, Jakarta would also receive a present from Bogor, namely flood. That is because Bogor is located in a higher region than Jakarta.

Oh I just realized this! The elevator in my office has a song, you know those light quiet songs when you are in an elevator. Mine is HUSH, LITTLE BABY! Yes, the nursery rhyme XD Every time I hear it I can’t help to wanna laugh. This elevator also has a British accent XD WEIRD.


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