find me in the fountain of youth~~

that’s what I texted my friend when I arrived that the Jakarta Chocolate Expo at Semanggi Expo after I got out from work. There was a 3,4 meter chocolate fountain and I, of course waited there, while getting some free chocolate biscuits to have it covered by the flowing chocolate from the fountain ^^. I was happy.

But my friend didn’t reply anything. So I walked around and found her having a foot massage. A foot massage in a chocolate expo you ask? Well, the thing is you dip you feet in a chocolate paraffin. I didn’t try it. I think it’s better to eat chocolate than just to have it smeared all over your feet ^^. I feel that it’s a waste. So I walked around while waiting for her to finished her massage and found some interesting stuff.

The first one that caught my eyes was this. This Final Fantasy VII figure entire made out of chocolate created by the people of Dapur Cokelat. Cool huh.








This creation of Indonesia’s line of former presidents is also by Dapur Cokelat. Nice. Even though the proportion is kinda off >_< . The one below was done by Trisakti University. The sales girl gave me a load of truffles XD Thanx XD

This is state of the art chocolate, literally. The upper one is chocolate painting. The one below is sculpture. When I see this the first thing that come to mind is hyde’s old self potrait section on R&R NewsMaker XD

This is the chocolate house. It’s HUGE!!! You can go through the door but it was closed. The flyer said that it was for kids only. Stupid kids are gonna ruin it >_< They’re gonna lick the wall, I tell you >_<. I really like the mushrooms.

This is one of the contested chocolate sculpture. Notice the pillars on the back of the golfer. Yeah well they wanna moved it to somewhere else and the next thing you know:

The guy dropped it >_< and it became like so ^ and so v

These are the line-up of the contested chocolate sculptures:

After buying some chocolates, I went home smelling like chocolate and probably looked like this kid XD


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