putting things into gear for this SUITE NOVEMBER

November’s here so I’m starting to prepare everything I need to go to Japan and see L’Arc~en~Ciel. November will be a busy month. I gotta get ready to get my hands on that ticket on December 1st. Then after I got them, I will have to find the cheapest plane tickets to Japan, arrange my visa. Hopefully, it’ll be all done on January.

5 years ago I was listening a song from this man, TETSU69 and waiting for his album to be released on November 20th, 2002. I didn’t get it back then, nor did I got Shinkirou single. But I really like his work and words he put in his lyrics. Even now I get shivers and sometimes tears just from listening songs like SCARECROW, empty tears and Pretender. It’s a shame that while L’Arc was on a break TETSU69 didn’t release many things. At the time he seemed like the one who had the most release. But it stopped at just 4 singles and an album under the name of TETSU69. I guess, he does really put L’Arc~en~Ciel first. That’s why sometimes I just cry when I hear SUITE NOVEMBER. TETSU69’s career is short lived (IMO) even later he did REVERSE for the LOVE FOR NANA tribute album. But I hoped he didn’t die out as soon as it did. But now I think things are going back to normal ^^ and I hope everybody (including tetsu and myself) is happy. GAMBAROU!!! icon courtesy of peach_petails.



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