Hurry Halloween!!!

Tomorrow’s halloween. I don’t have any plans of celebrating it this year, there is no way that I could dress up when I go to work. I REALLY WANT TOO THOUGH!!! Halloween is one of my favorite day of the year ^^. On the pass years I’ve managed to put on silly stuff on my attire to campus. But I guess this year I would have to resort to only wearing something orange ^^; I know it’s lame. Oh check this out!

There isn’t any news on L’Arc today. There is this thing that pisses me off about the existence of the picture of hyde’s child. NEWS FLASH, PEOPLE! There isn’t any (yet). Maybe in the future they (or at least Megu**) will decide to release it and let the press devour it. But here’s something that you might not know hyde is not some mediawhore! He is a private person. I wish people would stop asking for pics (or worse bragging that they have seen the pic). Stop it. When they release it, they release it. Thus, we can see. But now you can’t really fool anyone saying that you have in fact seen it, honey (unless you know these two in person). The internet is a vast place and when you look for something, it actually comes up. In this case (the pic), it didn’t. Enough said.

Lately, I don’t feel really good. My back sorta hurts, my stomach is aching, everything. I guess it’s because of the bad weather, they say. It’s constantly changing. Next day it’s really hot and the next it’s raining. I like the rain because Jakarta is so hot, it needs to cool down. But even a little rain could hurt, but I think these kids wouldn’t mind ^^.

I guess if there is a flood in Jakarta that would really bother me since I have a job now. When I was in college last year I was very happy when the flood reached my university (they said that it’s almost 1 meter high). I live in Bogor, which is located in a higher place than Jakarta, so for me it was a holiday. If you’re from the US you must of heard of a snow day, where you have a day off from school because of the heavy snow. Well, we here in Indonesia also have that but instead of snow we have flood ^^;

PS. Happy Birthday to Miss Nakama Yukie XD


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