Oh god, where do I start? Let me first start by saying. HOLY JI-SASU!!! Look at them!!! They look hot!!! My heart has blinded me to see the amount of photoshop being done here BUT C’MON!!! Look at hyde’s hair! OH HAIR! GLORIOUS HAIR! He looks like a model for Gucci or something XD Takuya Kimura might have done these Gatsby CMs (see here and here and here) but KimuTaku can eat his heart out XD

About HURRY XMAS it is… aaaahhh nante kirameku XD it has this warm and bright christmas feeling. It sounds like Singin’ in the Rain meets C’est La Vie meets I Wish meets the whole disney orchestra. Wondrous!!! I can’t wait for KISS XD I’m so giddy and excited XD Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy XD

Earlier die asked about what else is new in jrock. Knowing that he’s an X JAPAN fan I said, they shot a new PV called I.V (the whole news here). And he was shocked not knowing that they have plans of reuniting this year. He was practically in the same condition as me when all the wondrous (yes I’m using that word again) news about L’Arc came hitting me. Now he’s probably lying down somewhere from suffocation. I will try my best to go to Japan next year and see them live in concert XD YOSH!!!


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  1. dear fellow fangirl,

    *kneels* will you please send me the largest copy or link you can find for this, as you coined it, “Glorious” hair of hyde with ze band picture.

    i have been trying to find this pic for the longest time and i shall love you forever if you did. you will make 10 years of my life happy.


    PS; loved the gatsby links!

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