Weird cooking(?) and Dorama Round-up

this was written when I was on holiday.

Are no taipu?
I’m currently on a long vacation from work because of the Ied holidays. Other than bumming around in the house watching DVDs and doing my office “homework” I also cook, which I can’t really do when I’m in my aunt’s house in Jakarta. So holidays and the weekends are my only chance to cook. People are sometimes surprise when I say that one of my hobbies are cooking. Well, how do you suppose I stayed on my current weight if I wasn’t packing up calories on the weekends XD. I always cooked simple stuff to however I want it. A few days ago I cooked spaghetti with tomato sauce with wine braised apple chunks and today I cooked fried rice with wine braised apple and pineapple (my lame name for it tororopikaru raisu XD). Well the ingredients are lots maybe I should write it here in the near future.

The thing is people aren’t brave enough to actually eat it ^^;; My brother said who in their right mind would mix apple in a tomato sauce WITH MEAT. He said I’m that type of people that exist in mangas like Hagu and Yamada from Hachimitsu to Clover. HAHAHAHA XD I guess so. But mine are not so far fetched! It’s not like I’m putting strawberry jam in an onigiri XD Apple has that certain crunch and mild sweetness so that’s why I decided to used it in my sauce so I guess there’s nothing wrong. I tastes nice IMO. My mom also said so. I like to experiment with food, and I will do so in this holiday even if it means gaining a few pounds XD

Dododo-dorama-rama XD
Well on to the other news I finished a lot of doramas! I invaded my grandma’s room because she’s currently in Jakarta and I just spent hours of bumming around there. Some of the movies that I finished watching were:

Akihabara@DEEP: good dorama about otakus. It was really funny! Eventhough it felt really random at first it sorta grows in you. I like the zombie episode a lot. I like all of the character in the end (even Akira XD).

Akihabara@DEEP movie: I also watched the movie but it failed to impress me because the cast doesn’t really potray any real weirdness as an otaku. Heck all of them are nice looking people except for Arakawa Yoshiyoshi who played Taiko. Narimiya Hiroki didn’t act the stuttering really well. Matsuda Shota was not really believable. Izumu was this polished guy played by Miura Haruma. The main problem is they didn’t have Daruma in the movie. see this site for further comparisons.

ANEGO: finally finished this dorama. Started watching it a long time ago and picked it up when the holiday started. I enjoyed watching it since I really can’t resist Jin Akanishi there. I have to say that I like Ryoko Shinohara in Anego.

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko:
Abe Hiroshi delivered a wonderful performance yet again ^^. I just love him. His this 40 year old misanthropic guy that doesn’t want to get married, hating anything that has to do with human interaction and relationship. I think I am like his character, Kuwano Shinsuke, in some parts XD.

TRICK movie and 2005 TV Special: I absolutely LOVE TRICK!!! I like everything about it! The chemistry between Nakama Yukie and Abe Hiroshi is very superb XD The mystery solving is really interesting. I also managed to get my cousins hooked to it.

Dororo: Watched it with my brother. It’s a good movie, I love Kou Shibasaki in it XD I’m guessing that there will be a sequel… soon… pretty please XD

Last Quarter: I know, I haven’t seen this movie because I promised myself that I would buy the original DVD because HYDE is starring in it. But my friend borrowed me her VCDs and so I watched it. It has a great story as expected from Yazawa Ai. After watching a lot of doramas starring Abe Hiroshi and Ikuta Toma seeing HYDE in a movie tastes really bland. But hey, the man is trying. The good thing is Adam’s personality is similar to that of HYDE even though in my head Adam would absolutely look like Gackt (since he’s from London and all) but I certainly can’t picture Gackt playing in this movie XD

What’s Going On With The Pin-Up Boys (Korean): Someone recommended me this Korean movie saying it was good. So I watched it. It was funny. The concept was really unique; these good looking guys were thrown at with poop XD but because of the blogging culture it blew up in proportion and also catapulted the guys hit with poop in superstardom. So when the next scheduled poop throwing was around the corner guys that think that they are super good looking and wanted poop throwned at them. It has a really funny twist XD

Taiyou no Uta (movie): It stars YUI and Takashi Tsukamoto. I wasn’t expecting a lot from this movie. But it turned out to be good. There’s a lack of UMPHFFF but that’s okay. I enjoyed it nonetheless. I didn’t watch the dorama version of it. I simply can’t afford to have another dorama lined up in my list of “have-to-see-doramas”, I still have to finish a lot of doramas >_< I’m so busy now that work has started >_<

I guess that’s the end of it. Still a lot of movies and doramas to watch. I guess I just have to see them on the weekends.

The image above is from a generator to determine what is inside my brain. Try it for yourself it’s really fun. The left writing in red means lie, the white writing next to it means secret, the yellow means money, and the green means food. I guess that’s about right I guess XD check out this entry of Mari’s diary for the character meanings.


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