my short two cent about Ikuta Toma before I go home

I’ve been watching lots of dramas lately as I mentioned on my last post. And maybe you missed the fact (because it was a long post) that I really like Ikuta Toma XD I really love his acting in Hanakimi and Akihabara@DEEP and his stage play Cat in the Red Boots (even though I have only see parts of it).

I guess it’s a usual thing to find actors being good at what they do on other parts of the known world. But in Japanese most actors derives from this monopolizing agency called Johnny’s Jimusho and these “actors” are not really actors per se, they’re entertainers. They sing went they can’t really sing, and they act when they can’t really act. Well this is only a generalization. Some of the entertainers from Johnny’s Jimusho can raise to the occasion and really shine.

Quality actors in Japan (as in Indonesia) is hard to find. One might say that Ken Watanabe, or Abe Hiroshi are good actors. Well, yes they ar, but there are so few of them. I dare say that Ikuta Toma will fit to that category of good actors. With time he will be great too. Hey ,the man is 23. Abe and Watanabe are well up on their forties. The only thing that bothers me is that he is from Johnny’s Entertainment. When I said that Ikuta Toma will fit to that category of good actors that doesn’t go well with being in the Jimusho. Oh this is gonna be long >_< but the main thing is that he hasn’t been debutted by the Jimusho. The Jimusho always debuts people in a form of boy bands (minimum a duo). The rumor mill is spinning saying that the Jimusho is gonna debut him soon. But I think someone like Ikuta Toma is too good to be molded in to a lump of singing and dancing group. DAKARA… IYA DESU!! He is an actor. His singing voice is good but let me say this again… HE IS AN ACTOR!!! I think lumping him into a boy band just because he gained great attention these days (namely from playing Nakatsu Shuichi in HanaKimi) is a knieving scheme from a knieving agency. AHHH KUYASHII!!!!

Because I have to go home. Kore Ijou. BABY!!!!

PS. BABY!!! L’Arc’s single DAYBREAK’S BELL IS OUT TODAY!!! *wondering when is mine gonna com*



  1. There are a few of good actors in JE for me…take Okada Juinichi and Ninomiya Kazunari. Especially Nino. He’s the male version of Masami Nagasawa I think in term of acting. Very subtle..and for me a good actor is if one can bring so much emotion in just using his eyes..or simply a glance..or small gesture, it’s the best na~

    Actually Abe Hiroshi is from JE too ^^ I think he quit sometimes after or something.

  2. i like ikuta touma too. not just because he is so cute but because he can really act. i actually love the scenes in hanakimi where he was talking to himself like doing a monologue. he really made me laugh. its hard to make people laugh, nor just smile. touma is really talented. i also like his acting in akihabara@deep. being box is kinda the same with being nakatsu. i hope i can see him in a different kind of character. ^__^

  3. woow i like toma too because he is a real good actor similar for being a joker hehe i thought i love him=) wee he’s one of my wish to be with i hope to met him in person

  4. Just look into his eyes
    Just look into his smile
    what is he saying
    what is he thinking
    i wanna know more about him
    i wanna be with him
    Or just only one time
    I’m staying beside him

    Ohh this kind of thing never happens to me
    You are in another side of the world
    And i’m in love someone, who i can never reach
    If there is a miracle i can see you someday before the end of the world
    If there is a god he can take me to you, before the end of the ma life

    I’m not japanese girl i’m just one girl far far from you
    But i’m believing that we can meet someday
    If that day will come that will be happiest day of ma life
    Just like what you said
    I don say goodbye
    Cuz we are on the one planet
    And i’m believing in MIRACLES… so see you sooon ^_^

  5. hell yeah, im so agree with you. Toma is an actor. the first time i knew him, I even thought he’s not in JE, cause JE’boys is not an actor(no offense), but entertainer, so I agree with you

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