(extended) summer dorama review!!!


summer is over but it gets hotter and hotter everyday, so it still feels like summer to me. my boss went home to Japan a few days ago. So I’m left at the office alone. I guess, it’s just the same, I’ll do my regular job, but this time there will be only me. Now I’m taking the time to stretch out my brain and drain all of the junk. Now, I am sparing my time to watch lots of Japanese drama and movies. So here’s a mini-review of them.

hydevilist no summer dorama review!!!

Eiga de sutaato!!
I finally got to see SAKURAN! This Anna Tsuchiya flick is great! I like the colors of the movie. It’s like a more colorful and more vulgar (in a way) version of Memoirs of a Geisha and yes this time they use Japanese actors. Another thing that makes this movie really great is her majesty, Shiina Ringo who was assigned to be the music director of this movie. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Baburu e go!
This movie stars the great Abe Hiroshi and Ryoko Hirosue. A very funny but sad movie (IMO). It’s interesting because the plot was that Japan is in a financial crisis and someone has to go back in time to stop the government to pass a bill that will burst the Japanese bubbling economy. I think this reflects a view of many japanese people that actually experienced the bubble economy and wanted to go back to the time when they can spend lots of money and live the good life. Now, what amazes me is the message of this movie, that even now that the enomy is failing there are no one to blame and to quote Abe Hiroshi’s character in the movie: “For me the only thing I can do is work as hard as possible and go home to my family at the end of the day.” That’s a great view. I guess through the hardship that Japan is facing right now, they are not pointing hands to anyone, they just take what they are given and make the best of it. BRAVO FOR THIS MOVIE!

Sore de… dorama!!
TRICK season 2 and 3
I watched season one along time ago. I really like the story line and the plot of TRICK. It’s really fun to watch Ueda’s (Abe Hiroshi) and Yamada’s (Nakama Yukie) chemistry. It’s like watching a more funny and relaxed Mulder and Scully. Through this dorama, I became a fan of Abe Hiroshi. I really like him playing the tall and stupid Ueda Jiro. I looked him up on the internet but there were so few files. Maybe it’s hard to find stuff of him because he’s “old” and “uncool” according to the english speaking people on the net. Heck, it’s hard for finding stuff about him on japanese sites. The only source I had was his homepage. Did he make it himself? It’s very amateurish but I am thankful because there are lots of infos and pics of him. I tried finding videos at you tube but the longest video I found was of him in CHIMPAN NEWS CHANNEL which is funny but kinda sad since there are more entry on CHIMPAN NEWS CHANNEL than on Abe Hiroshi >_<. I’m also interested on finding more doramas starring Nakama Yukie. I read somewhere that see has this midas touch on almost every drama that she played. Next time I will look for more! YOSH!

Since we are on the topic of my fandom toward Mr. Abe Hiroshi, I confess I went ahead and bought Antique because I wanna see Abe other than the TakizawaFujiki kiss scene that was highly buzzed at the time. It was a good dorama, but I don’t really like the ending. I think there are no climax in this dorama and the ending tasted like an overbaked soufle. But don’t mind the ending all around this is a very inspiring dorama. Well, it inspired me to go and buy some cake XD Shiina Kippei was very funny in it.

My Little Chef
Again, I bought it for the sake of seeing Abe Hiroshi. I like this dorama better than Antique because even if Antique has a more layered and complicated storyline. My Little Chef on the other hand has a simple story line and they carried it out pretty well. The cast did a pretty good job esp. Abe and Aya Ueto. Oh check the official site here. They have recipes and stuff ^^.

Yamada Tarou Monogatari
Haven’t finished this yet. I’m stuck at episode five, I haven’t found the rest of the series yet. But it’s a good dorama. At first I didn’t think Nino and Sho would be able to pull this out, but they did. Only the direction of the characters are totally different from the manga. Fans of a manga beware! And, I don’t know, something about Tabe Mikako that just… BUGS!

And last but NEVER THE LEAST!
Hanazakari Kimitachi e

The best! THE BEST DORAMA TO WATCH THIS SUMMER! At first I was really disappointed at the casting. But as the series progress it got better especially Nakatsu’s character played by the very talented Ikuta Toma. Yep, became a Toma fan after I watch this. This dorama is very funny. All of the cast had very good chemistry ^^. I like everybody in this dorama. Among my favorite characters were Nakatsu and Oscar Himejima (Kyo Nobuo was also in TRICK 3 as the Todai graduate). Seriously, I really don’t know how a person can watch this series and not admit that Ikuta Toma did a great job here ^^. Personal note: Even though he doesn’t appear very often, Shirota Yuu is HOT ^^.

Mada mada aru yo~~
Things to watch next

Furinkazan: I admit I got this because I wanted to see Gackt *the nostalgic feel of an impulsive fan girl* I only watched 1 episode (the subtitles are so bad >_<) . Gackt hasn’t even appear yet. Maybe next time I should keep in mind of the role he is playing.

Dekichatta Kekkon: Bought this because I want to see Abe Hiroshi. Ryoko Hirosue is also one of my fave actress so it’ll be fun too watch ^^. I don’t really like the idea of Yutaka Takeuchi X Ryoko Hirosue pairing though, but I guess I’ll just have to see it for myself

Akihabara@DEEP: HAHAHA bought it to see Ikuta Toma. I already watch the first 7 episode. I pretty much like the story of otakus. The actress that plays Akira (Kosaka Yuka) kinda bugs though, I don’t know why. It think that it’s mainly because she didn’t come across as Moe nor tough. The other members are okay, though But, later on the chemistry got better and I’m okay with the charas XD

From Mari’s blog I found that recently because of the Densha Otoko (Train Man) and other otaku related doramas and movies the otaku or the akiba-kei culture has been fairly accepted in Japan. Otaku is actually a harsh expression. And for normal people to be called an otaku is really offensive. Well, I guess I’d like it if people call me a L’Arc otaku XD

Akihabara@DEEP movie: kinda disappointed that they change the cast! No TOMA!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! I don’t really like Oshinari Shugo. He bugs >_<. Akira is played by Yuu Yamada which also kinda bugs. Both of the Akiras (dorama and movie) are not moe~~ enough for me. I can’t talk a lot about this movie. We’ll just see.

Heaven’s Bookstore: Got a lot of reference saying that it’s a good movie. I will look forward to it.

Taiyou no Uta: Takashi Tsukamoto as the lead! YESH!! YUI also stars in this movie ^^

Hana Yori mo Naho: Dunno why I got this. Maybe because I haven’t seen any more Junichi Okada‘s drama. The last time I saw a dorama with him in it is Tiger and Dragon (REALLY enjoyed that dorama) and Kisarazu Cat’s Eye (nice one too, with Takashi Tsukamoto in it)

Hoka ni…
Stage Play

Looking for Toma’s stage play files. If anyone can help that would be great. Found some files of Cat in the Red Boots but so short. I wanna see Toma on stage.

Abe Hiroshi also play on stage plays, I wanna see too! I like stage plays. Because it took more effort to perform on stage especially when it’s a musical.

Anything else? I guess not. I guess it’s time for me to sleep since it’s 00.32 AM (the time I wrote it) maybe I have to go to my cousin’s birthday party in the morning. I’ll be really tired tomorrow. MY EYES! They have been starring at the monitor from 8 AM this morning. I have to rest or I’m gonna go blind. Good night. Off to bed minna XD



  1. Ahhh it’s rare to see people who like Abe Hiroshi. I love him!!! As much as I love Yamapi, I have to admit I watch Dragon Zakura because of Abe lol. and I’m obssessed with Trick series XD Dude, I can marathon Trick Season 1-3 and continue with Trick Movies 1-2 all day long. Ueda and Nakama is the ultimate odd couple on screen ever xD I love the kansai-speaking Yabe too. Did you notice young Oscar in Season 2?

    As for Japanese movies, I recommend Shunji Iwai works, the cinematography of his movies are to die for.

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