MATA! I will fight for tickets!

The arena tour announcement has finally arrived. The tour will be called THEATER OF KISS. Ahh this reminds me of the older tours: Feel of Dune, Sense of Time, Carnival of True. How I love my boys XD The name, of course derives from the new ALBUM NAME: KISS *love*. If you ask me it’s kinda tacky because it kinda erases the mistique of the newer songs, but hey you gotta love it XD

There’s also a new single on November, Hurry Xmas that will be released with a DVD. I wonder what kind of song would this be.

Anywho… I am hoping to catch on of the live in Yoyogi National Stadium, IF I got a permission and a support for visa from my office and IF I get the tickets for it XD Getting the ARE YOU READY? 2007 tickets WAS HARD!!!

So here’s the round up:
2007-2008 Arena Tour

December 22 Saitama Super Arena
December 23 Saitama Super Arena
January 9 Osaka Jo Hall
January 10 Osaka Jo Hall
January 12 Osaka Jo Hall
January 13 Osaka Jo Hall
January 30 Nippon Gaishi Hall
January 31 Nippon Gaishi Hall
February 06 Yoyogi National Stadium
February 07 Yoyogi National Stadium
February 09 Yoyogi National Stadium
February 10 Yoyogi National Stadium
February 16 Marine Messe Fukuoka
February 17 Marine Messe Fukuoka

December 1st, 2007

PS. Sorry for the ugly pic XD


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