reset. revamp. relive.

brought back my old website, +SIN+ from the dead. *shrug* I just thought I should write that down.

Hmm… there’s nothing interesting today… yet. I just did a tarot card reading on several people around my office. I wanted to take a vacation but I decided not to. What else, what else? I guess that’s it. Oh!!! L’Arc hit Oricon no. 1 with HY HEARTS DRAWS A DREAM! Well, anyone could have predicted it.

 UPDATE:remember when I wrote “there’s nothing interesting today… yet”. Here’s something interesting: VERSAILLES! Here’s their myspace page and here’s their The Revenant Choir PV (It’s weird seeing japanese band having myspace pages.) It’s Kamijo’s new band. I don’t know what to say about this one. I didn’t know this before. I haven’t been IN to much visual kei lately. “Isn’t it enough?” tte kanji desu yo ne? I like Lareine but that is as far as it goes, like. I enjoy listening to Billet, Fuyu Tokyo, Fiancailles, Metamorphose, seeing the glamour, the beauty, the enchantment. I like the fact that Kamijo is consistent on his image. But I dunno I just feel like… “heh? He’s back in his twisted delusional way! XD” Praise the lord for that though. I guess visual kei DOES need this kind of rescue. I wish MALICE MIZER would just REGROUP c’mon! But I guess Mana wouldn’t wanna go back to wearing those frilly lolita dresses. Oh well good luck to Versailles! XD


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