another comeback! Where are they now?

LUNA SEA has decided to pull yet another LUNA SEA (meaning a comeback) you can see it here . The event will be held at the Tokyo Dome on December 24 and will be called GOD BLESS YOU ~One Night Dejavu~. I like LUNA SEA, good for them if they want to do a comeback concert… BUT! Personally, I managed to be at peace with them Resting.In.Peace in 2000. I mean I could understand that they can’t go anywhere higher when they were on the top of their game. It’s a sad decision but a brave one at that. I guess it’s better that to be slowly fading away like GLAY (again, this is my personal opinion). But, I guess it’s good for the fans when this kinda thing happens. I WANT MALICE MIZER TO PULL A LUNA SEA!!!

Anyway, from an episode of Music Station, I found out about a famous composer, Tsutsumi Kyohei and a tribute album for him. On that show I heard the original version of Momen no Handkerchief which I had previously heard from Shiina Ringo’s Utaite Myori. I looked for the original version every where but couldn’t find it until I looked it up on and found a few files. I found out that the original singer was Ohta Hiromi. You can see the live video here and the audio with the lyrics here and the lyrics translation here. I love this song.

Anyway, I haven’t heard anything about Dir en grey for a long time since they turned in to New Wave Underground American Heavy Metal Wannabes. I found out that they have a myspace account and they’re friends with no other than KORN. How delightful (YEAH RIGHT!) I miss songs like egnirys cimredopyh, cage, amber, umbrella (now when I say I miss Umbrella that stupid Rihanna song always pops up)!

trucker tom vs visual kei bassist kisakiI don’t need bands to maintain their visual-kei looks, I just need you to maintain your sound. I understand why most visual kei band when they turn major (pro) don’t want to be called visual kei, because visual kei itself have degraded in the past few years, and bands like bis, Kra, An*cafe, etc now rule the scene with they’re oshare look and not-so-good songs. So to clump themselves together in the term of “visual kei” automatically degrades themselves as musicians. But that doesn’t mean their style of music has to change. Dir en grey has gone a long way this is the unsightly comparison. This is Kaoru and Kisaki (ex bassist of La:Sadies)

Really, I’m not asking Kaoru to dress up like Kisaki, that would just be down right ridiculous now, I just want to hear REAL Dir en grey material rather than KORN or Marilyn Manson.


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