Yes, please share your mic!

phew… I’m really overwhelmed. I got a fan recorded clip from youtube of hyde and tetsu sharing a mic on stage in Korea. This may sound strange but this feels natsukashii~~~. It has been a while since they shared a mic together.
About the new PV of MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM. My observation is this: there’s a bit of snow drop (the animals, I guess this is like snow drop after L’Arc have revived the future XD), finale (the scenic backgrounds), winter fall (winter fall had few colors), nemuri ni yosete (the video angle of the band). I really like the feel of it. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. I like the transition part when it turns into a sketch. AND OH!!!
There’s one lucky indo kid!!! *hysterics, starts to Bali dance too* LOOK HYDE!!! I CAN DO IT TOO!!!

Like I said many times before, I am excited to see what L’Arc has to offer this year and the following years to come. It seems as since the L’Anniversary live they had regain a new spirit toward their band and I’m happy for them. As for my friend, Addhi, who said that their record company wants them to look forever young, I guess you can say that it’s not all true. Since in this PV we can see that they’re not trying to look young. Ah the beauty that is L’Arc~en~Ciel~~~ munyuuu~~~

Ps. anyway the pic that I put next to this entry… I want that. It’s a MUKIMPO banana case. Not much use but I want it XD

Updated: Checked the official page, there will be an ARENA TOUR 2007-200!!! I WANNA GO!!! Can’t wait for more updates ^^


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