Mou ikanakucha… aki ga kuru kara…

nullYes I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am back. Since the last time I post I didn’t feel quite ‘editorial’. So here I am again with random things.

First, the15th and 16t, these two days are so important to me. I guess if you know me in person you should know why. The 15th I spent it in the office, asking my boss for a day of for the 16th. I went to my uncle’s house to drop off my laptop and grab some clothes because I was planning to spend the night at Shakina’s house in Rawamangun to listen L’Arc’s live recording from Yokosuka. But before we agreed to meet with the rest of the gang (Atre, Grace, Greggy, Insun) in Plaza Semanggi. But we ended up going around Jakarta until 5am because we wanted to see IKJ’s new student initiation. They say that their initiation is the cruelest of them all. I can’t really tell because we saw only like 5 people being tortured. So me and shaki went back to her pad and SLEEP! We were so friggin’ tired!

The 16th, I woke up at 10 to open the gate for shaki that has to go to school. I continue to sleep. But I decided to listen to the live recording. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I cried when I listened to it. AH!!!!!! I can’t wait for the album in November. And so, I got out of the house at 1pm and went straight to Mall Kelapa Gading 3 to look for food. I bought inari sushi from Robatta Komachi and a big bottle of soy milk. It was DELICIOUS! I can’t tell you how much I love sushi. I waited for Shakina to come at 3pm. After we walked around until 5pm she went back to her pad to because she forgot her denture then when she was on her way to Bogor I asked her to drop me off to the nearest busway shelter. I caught a bus heading to Blok M to meet Die to go to Doremido a Japanese Karaoke center in Wijaya. We sang MALICE MIZER songs! and also a few Gackt and L’Arc song. It was fun. It was tiring but it was fun.

Second, independence day. Woke up at 6.30am after I got back at 10pm yesterday. I have to pick my cousin from the airport. After that I spent the day at Ryou’s cooking stuff with Yudhi and Yudho and their cousin Tyo. It was fun.

Third, back to work again. Another boring day. I don’t know but this weekend my life in Jakarta is AMAI SETSUNAI, I guess that’s the best Japanese word to describe it.


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