something from the weekend

hmm where should I start… Last saturday, I finally meet up with niceey although just for a while. I’m still working hard to finish +CHILD+ ( by the end of the week. Though job, but I’m enjoying it. Please support me.

On Sunday, SOMETHING SHOCKING HAPPENED! When I went downstairs to say hi to my oma I was shocked because the books under the guestroom were gone. FYI, I put my Japanese magazines, photobooks and other printed materials there. So I asked my mom where it is, she said my dad cleared them off. So I asked the maid, she said that the magazines in the bags are fine. But THAT’S NOT THE PROBLEM! The bags weren’t the only place I put my magazines in! I put some between some old Indo magazines so it wouldn’t caught dust. I panicked! And after I checked 2 R&RNewsMaker magazines were unaccounted for! So let’s cut the drama, yes, they were
actually lost, and yes, I did shed a tears for them! F*CK! So, now I am _kinda_ okay with it. But it still hurts though! Both magazines has L’Arc reports in them.

So anyway, Atre, Grace and Tita came over. We initially wanted to work on +CHILD+ but we ended up eating, watching TV, and playing with water XD Later on the afternoon Shakina came. And we had a blast watching a DVD that features a modelling show.

Last night, me and my family went out to eat at Mangga Besar for makanan Medan (Medan food). This is the place where orang Medan (Medan people) who live in Jakarta came to eat food from their home town. And some that came from Medan or some from the Chinese community likes to gather here. Just to have a conversation and some cigarettes and of course good food. But I have to tell you, it’s more expensive than your regular food stall delicacies but you can bet that it will be better. We ate at this stall that serves Martabak, Roti Cane, and Mie Kocok India (lit. Indian Shaken Noodle), which is noodle with a very thick soup mixed with boiled eggs, and vegetables. It was good. Too bad I didn’t have the picture because I left the camera in the car. There were lots of other Medan foods like Juhi (dried squid), sate kerang (mussel satay/on a stick), noodles, and SNACKS! They have loads of nostalgic mouth-watering snacks! Like jellies, cupcakes,mochi and many more! This part I have the picture XD Enjoy!

It started with me squirting water at Tita.

Of course I just had to hug Grace for her to
get wet.

The aftermath.

Dried squid and other seafoods (mussels,

The Indian food stall


More snacks!

And more!

Fruit cocktail stall with DREAMS executive club on the background.


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