nothing interesting

I went to Plaza Indonesia yesterday with Shakina, Atre and DIE. We just went round and around. And sat in Dunkin’ Donuts with only a large order of OJ. Gotta love that OJ. Didn’t find anything interesting in Kinokuniya. They never called me to inform that WHAT’s IN? has arrived. Screw them!And oh I didn’t post on 070707. Hahaha I wasn’t at the office so I couldn’t use the internet.

Work… is so so. I spent most of my time working on deviations to put up on my deviantart page. Made a new
photography series called +CHILD+ (infinity) (guardian) (antagonist) (threat) featuring Atre’s sister, Tita. Speaking of photography I haven’t snapped anything in a few days. So no interesting photos. Except from the Japan Evolution event, which was kinda lame.

Been listening to old-school Gackt and MALICE MIZER. I like the old Gackt, not a fan of the new one. Don’t really like the music now. L’Arc is currently on tour (I can’t believe I had not mentioned about this at all). I couldn’t get the tickets for this year… they ran out. I found some in Yahoo! Auction Japan with prices up to 4 times the original! ON-LINE SCALPERS! So goodbye, Sendai! Goodbye all of that hours of planning! I guess I’ll see L’Arc next year. It’s not like they’re gonna break up soon, seeing how many new songs they have been making \(*T▽T*)/. I’m waiting anxiously for their new album this November. This should be good.

What else? What else? Oh last week I experimented with Manba style (ganguro/gonguro). I have the picture (of course I did retouch it because you can’t really see the white make up, and my hair is not bleached). It’s unusually cold here at the office. I’m wearing a jacket. Or maybe I’m having another cold. Because I feel like I don’t have enough rest. Slept at 00:34 yesterday with Shiina Ringo’s Karuki Samen Kuri no Hana album blasting in my ears and woke up at 7:08 with Gackt’s Mars blasting through the bathroom door. I am freaky like that.

In other news… have you saw the newest cover of W magazine? I don’t normally talk about this but I like the cover. Becks is hot while Victoria Beckham actually looks like a human in the cover. They look good! You can see it here and here. And oh please vote for L’Arc at I know that this poll means squat and doesn’t make any sense since MUSE ranked in at number 30 or something. But I must say, I am quite curious about the number one band Tokio Hotel. The twins are く(⌒◇⌒)ノ かっこいい~~~. But I only listened their song through the 30 minute preview. It was good, I guess. I need to listen to more songs before I can decide if they are really that great.

Soon my computer will be equipped with ADSL connection courtesy of my office ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ::・’°☆。.::・’°★。.::・’°☆。ワーイ! this way I can browse the internet without worrying the time. Thank you, boss ^^. So what else? What else? I don’t know, there are just not enough dynamics in my life right now. My life currently looks like a flat line. Not that I’m complaining, but I really do need the excitement.











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  1. so, you moved here, there’s no tagboard in your page so I leave comment her
    another cool work
    what +CHILD+ for, so interesting ne ^^
    gue blogrol yah links lu yg ini plus yg devianart biar ga pusing besok2 cari alamat nya XD

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